High quality wooden door see from where?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-31
< p > < / p > < p > < p > apply wood door in the life very much, want to use for a long time to choose the good quality wooden door and regular maintenance, wood door manufacturer to give us the high quality wooden door today see from where? < / p > < p > ok weight: weight suitability < / p > < p > good wooden door shoulds not be too light. Several kinds of specifications, compared to the same material on the surface of wooden door, same weight too light is hardly high quality wooden door, wooden door because most of the chosen core material texture is soft, Such as cypress) , wood in pipeline and porosity is larger; Or is the inside of the core material too little, wood is not strong enough. The strength and impact resistance of the wood door is poorer, sound insulation effect is not good. < / p > < p > the appearance: paint and wood veneer < / p > < p > high quality wood surface is smooth, rich natural and full transparency film good, the surface of material texture clear lifelike, appearance of physical properties. Inferior wood paint film is dry, paint, bubble, pinhole, wave, particle, paint film transparency is poor, the surface texture, wood appearance resembles obscure. Inferior wood door so, on the one hand, because the manufacturer chooses the poor quality of the paint, the process and equipment does not pass; On the other hand is its use of wood defects, so deliberately lower the opacity of the coating, to cover the surface of dead section, holes, decayed, discoloration, crack, indentation flaws. < / p > < p > the wood veneer or solid wood splice < / p > < p > processing high-quality wooden doors of wood veneer or solid wood joining together is fine, don't see combining trace. And inferior wood veneer or wood processing is relatively rough, joining together is more obvious, and even appear crack and dislocation phenomenon. < / p > < p > the flatness of wooden door < / p > < p > high quality wooden door on the material selection, process control and strict factory inspection, finished product wood surface smooth straight, perfect shape after installation. Inferior wood door is on the material, process and test requirement is very low, for larger finished the warp of wooden door, wooden door and door frame after installation can be observed not aligned. < / p > < / p >
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