High temperature when how to maintenance of solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-03

it's already spring, the weather will be more and more hot, so how high temperature when the maintenance of solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake? Wood door manufacturer to tip you:

to keep the room dry, often use fan and fan drafty and take a breath, plants can put in the balcony or sitting room, don't put near the door, prevent leaking irrigation, guangzhou pilling wood wood door cannot be closed. Pay attention to choose to have qualified manufacturers of qualified products, understand the strength of the manufacturer is very important. Because it's hot in summer and autumn is the best time to decorate, due to high temperature, air flow flow smoothly are all favorable factors, so most consumers buy wood door in this period of time, and the high temperature of summer heat is maintenance of wooden door production manufacturer with the most favorable time. Hot sky for household items, it is a difficult stage. In terms of wooden door, one to the hot weather, some wooden door will be different on the degree of cracking, deformation, and take off the coat of paint 'heatstroke' phenomenon. This is itself attributes of decision trees, density is uneven, with the expansion of the property, at the time of production and use, temperature difference and some inferior paint cannot be effectively isolate the air into the wood fiber, wood will absorb moisture in humid air, produce out of shape, craze. Paying attention to ask when buying is real wood compound is still solid wood, solid wood composite door is better than real wood door to adapt to the hot sky, not easily deformation.

protection wax or special detergent evenly coated on the surface of wooden door, maintain the luster and moistureproof, then gently let the wood in the sky in the hot, want to use dishcloth to clean with water directly, the corner of the den, you can use some hygroscopic agent, such as activated carbon can absorb moisture. Wooden door deformation and the thickness of wooden door has more or less, the relationship between the right thickness for 35 mm - wooden door 60 mm, thickness and weight and height to match, or because the door leaf weight and height also has a lot of examples. Subject to pay more attention to the material of wooden door, can use the sound to hear the knock, have qualitative feeling sound is mellow and good timber.

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