historic gothic tasmanian church given new lease on life after 135 years in waratah

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-12
A 135-year-
Old wooden Gothic church in northern tazhou
As a historical center and community art gallery, the West is endowed with new life.
The Church of St. James in Vallarta is the last church used by the Anglican Church in 2013 and has been in disrepair for a long time.
Cooee residents Anne Denham and Tony Schmidt bought the church in last June.
\"This is really a beautiful old church,\" MS Dunham said . \"
\"We look at it, we just think, what will we do with it?
The church is all about the community. . .
So let\'s say, let\'s turn this into a community. based place\'.
\"Since then, the two have been working hard to repair the church building.
They installed new floors and stairs, repaired the doors and windows of the building, and reinstalled a colored oneglass window.
\"When it was canceled in 2013, it was completely stripped of everything --
This is a blank church, \"said MS Dunham.
\"Things will collapse with 135 growth. year-
The old church you can imagine.
\"We want it to look like it was before 135.
MS Denham said she was also collecting items displayed in the church. \"The museum . . .
\"I gave us a lot of items that have been removed, so we lent them permanently to the church,\" she said . \".
\"We have a very, very old Bible, many bronze objects including the cross. . .
We have the original organs.
\"There was a very wonderful picture of Queen Victoria there, celebrating her 60 th anniversary, so it went back to the wall.
\"One very, very special thing we were lucky enough to be back was the honor role of the soldiers in the 1915 war.
\"The building will also operate as an art gallery with a focus on local artists.
\"Our first exhibition was \'wedding, \'\" said MS Denham \'. \".
\"I managed to scan a bunch of photos [from people]
Their parents and relatives got married at the church.
\"The wedding photos of all these couples are decorated on the wall and look beautiful.
\"While it\'s a big job, MS Denham says she won\'t have any other way.
\"We really like this place,\" she said . \"
\"The community spirit of the town lives well.
\"There are too many people coming in to help.
They have given up their time because they have seen that the project is worth it for the community.
\"Honesty is from the heart.
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