historic honky-tonk : roaring \'20s club still going strong

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-19
The dust devil spins in the parking lot and sometimes blows in from the open double doors of the Pomerado club, once known as the big stone cottage, which will soon be crowned with this history again
In this wooden structure of supporting pillar boulders brought by the surrounding Poway mountain, it seems that there is a little dust in the house.
The horizontal gear of the wooden bar stool was worn out by decades of cowboy boots, and historical pictures on the wall were covered by beer foam and occasional holes dug from the wrong darts.
According to the old, there are spider webs, walls and ceilings in the corners
Timer, there are at least a dozen bullet holes.
This is a confusing place: \"If those walls can talk. . .
\"Big Stone Lodge claims to have\" honky, the oldest continuous operation in the county-
Tonk, \"according to its new owner Jerry Long, he bought the old Poway building about five months ago and plans to turn it into a restaurant and an absolute countrywestern theme.
When studying the building, it was discovered a long time ago that it was a Road house and a ballroom. 1920s when Dr.
Homer Hansen took the boulder of the same name as him to creekside tract and built the building near a 20-mile-long house, drivers on the San Diego and escondo stage line used to get fresh horses for their daily runs.
Local historians are not sure if the 20-mile-long house was still in operation when the stone cottage was built.
But Dolora Powers, a member of the Poway Historical Society who came to Poway in 1925, remembers when the stone cottage was newly established.
\"It was built after I moved here,\" Bowles recalls . \".
\"It must have been built in its 20 s.
\"Bowles remembers how Hansen and his partner originally planned to build a motel ---
Called a tourist court at that time. -on Metate Lane.
But the project \"failed\" so the developer moved to the Pomerado Road ---
Then the main artery between San Diego and escondo. -
The big stone cottage was built.
When I was a teenager
\"Agger, I just didn\'t go to that place,\" Powers said . \".
\"I just can\'t stand the idea of having to pick up my partner on the dance floor.
It was a wild place in those days.
\"She admitted that she did venture into the big stone several times, because it was one of the few places for young people or others to go dancing on Saturday night.
\"I remember there were great hardwood floors there,\" she recalls . \".
\"Very smooth.
In 1949, Arie DeJong immigrated from the Netherlands to Poway with his parents and nine siblings.
They were sponsored by his father\'s brother. in-
Law, Uncle Sam, in his 800-
Acre dairy farm, they live in several small stone houses in picnic Forest, Wyoming, South of the big stone hut.
Derong said, \"I can\'t say a word . \"
\"Every morning my brothers and I get up around 2 in the morning and walk or ride a bike to milk the dairy farm.
We have to go straight through that place and it will get strong at 2 or 3 in the morning. \"It was off-
Of course, the restrictions on us are limited . \"
Given the English vocabulary he might have learned in the noisy Road house, it could be a wise ban.
But even before Big Stone Lodge won the reputation of the Wild West ballroom in the 1920 s, the site at the bend of the old Pomerado Road was a good place --
Known watering holes for humans and animals.
According to Ernest clawat, the 20-mile house was at its peak in the 1880 s and 1870 s, and he interviewed Poway pioneer in 1951. One old-
Timmer told Cravath how in the 1880 s Daniel Dodson shot Henry Sevelle in a 20-mile-long house run by Dodson.
The story is like this: Dodson\'s \"stepdaughter is a handsome blonde girl who starts to go with severer and Dodson is jealous.
One day, severer walked into the 20-mile-long bar, and Dodson shot his heart with a rifle.
Dodson defended himself. defense.
He claimed that severer had started pulling his gun.
\"In the coroner\'s investigation, the prosecutor placed the heart of the deceased in a bucket as evidence.
He wants to destroy himself.
Defend by showing the direction of the bullet through the heart.
\"He put the barrel in the front hall and was going to surprise it, but the pig went into the room and swallowed the heart.
\"Dodson was released at trial.
\"For many years, under many names, the big stone hotel has maintained its reputation as a rough man by its predecessors --and-
Rolling Ball pub with country flavorwestern flavor.
Jerry Lang wants to keep the taste but don\'t be noisy.
\"It has been five or ten years since there have been any problems here,\" Long said . \".
\"At that time, a group of cyclists, Hell Angels, found the place and took over for a while.
Two years ago, when Woolwich annexed a large piece of unincorporated land in the south of the Pomerado club, and closed the road Street standard on the grounds of \"unsafe\" and \"unsuitable for the City.
\"To meet modern highway safety standards, a new Pomerado Road will be open any day now, however, it will not help the Big Stone Lodge as it bypass the former highway leading to the east, make the front stage route and the federal highway a quiet dead endde-sac.
Long has 20 years of food service experience in American service company(
Bring sushi to the company at Jack Murphy Stadium in San Diego)
He rose to vice president in charge of Western America.
\"One thing I learned is not to turn something into something that it is not,\" he said . \".
He plans to reopen at the restaurant on the side of the road, but this is not a luxury place.
Only delicious Western food such as steak and chicken
Steak and burger.
There is no white tablecloth or scarf, Long said.
\"We will keep it simple and true.
\"For a long time, a lot of changes have been made on the aging big stone and its former owner, the savor brothers, has been hired to provide live music.
Savery band ranked first in the local leaderboard-
Long-vaunted Western fans have attracted fans from \"Imperial Beach and Ramona, Lakeside and encini Tower.
\"The new owners plan some incentives to attract people, including concerts and free dance classes,\" which is true for everyone, for all age groups, but only for real countries --western style.
He also plans to \"perhaps expand the history of this place\" by building old buildings\"
The Western storefront of the time on the mountain.
A blacksmith shop, for example.
There is also a small church by the stream. \"I\'ve got 3.
There are 5 acres, there is a beautiful stream, there are every year --
Round, about 100-year-
He said, \"old oak.
But the main thing is that Long relies on more than 100 years of history to build his new, old honky-tonk.
As he said: \"Do it with what you have.
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