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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-15
Solid hardwood floors are simple and timeless, and these are the adjectives most people in the Richmond residential decoration industry want.
Simple hardwood floors are likely to meet such standards. This well-
Engineering wood is durable and will certainly extend its life.
Its style can complement any style or appearance you want when decorating.
Very low hardwood floors.
Maintenance makes it a very affordable option. 2.
If there\'s one thing you can say about these shades, it\'s that they are classic definitions.
The 2015 seems to prefer classic and refined design, which is in sharp contrast to the 2014-inch avant-garde preference
Avant-garde and modern design.
An interior designer specializing in residential renovation in West Vancouver said that you can use black or white marble in the kitchen, black and white wallpaper with geometric and patterned lines as wallpaper or bedroom in the living room3.
If there is an easy way to enhance the look of your house, it is to add more lighting.
This is a simple-
Many commercial renovations in Vancouver use fix.
You can also use this to make sure your house is decorated vividly, happily, and brightly!
The trend that has been going on since 2010 is to use warm white lighting, which is the intersection between standard white and cool white lighting.
It provides the right brightness and drama for your newly renovated house. 4.
More and more residential renovations in Vancouver add outdoor expansion space to their living room.
As the 2015 goal is to get more in touch with nature, make sure you\'re on the trend by including a balcony and porch in your bedroom and living room.
You can also start building an open air area outside the house where you can have afternoon tea parties and barbecues.
You can not only save electricity, but also feel the outdoor atmosphere. 5.
If you live in the city and maximize the space, the most common situation is that your apartment or apartment cannot provide the same amount of space as the house.
According to the commercial fit-out of bennabee designer, this 2015 challenge is to maximize every space you have.
First of all, you can change the traditional door to a sliding door, which will definitely not take up the extra space you can use for other things.
The other is to choose a folding sofa that can be used as a bed.
The dual use of this furniture comes in handy when you have guests sleepingovers.
You can do a lot of other ideas for your smallest space.
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