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by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-21

home wooden door mothproof tips

1. Apply a few more times with concentrated salt water on the surface of the wooden door to prevent mites.

2. Use cotton to get camphor oil, make camphor cotton balls, and place them in wooden furniture, wardrobes, and flow tables to remove cockroaches and prevent insects.

3. Use a proper amount of pepper or pepper, mash it into powder, plug it into the hole, and rinse it with boiling water. It has the effect of killing insects and can prevent the spread of insects.

4. It can also kill moths by mixing fire water and trace amounts of insecticidal water and dropping them into cavities. However, this method is not applicable to bamboo tools for storing food such as baskets and cabinets.

5. Coating treatment for some corners that have not been damaged, paint such as Raw tung oil, shellac paint or varnish can be brushed onto the surface of the wooden cabinet to isolate moths from the air and achieve the purpose of moth prevention. Note that when brushing, the front and back sides and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet should be evenly brushed.

6. Drug treatment when the wooden door is damaged by insects, dichlorvos and water can be used to prepare liquid medicine in a ratio of 1: 5, and the liquid medicine can be completely sprayed with a sprayer to allow the liquid medicine to penetrate into the wooden cabinet, and the liquid medicine should be sprayed continuously for 3 times ~ Five times, after 8 hours, all moths can be killed. After that, wash the wooden door with water and dry it.

7. Wipe the surface of the wooden door that has been eaten by insects with diesel oil, then dry it in the sun, apply it once again for two or three hours, and then dry it again, until the locusts die in the hole. Then wash and dry with washing powder and liquid.

8. After buying the wooden door, soak it with 3% sodium fluoride to prevent insects forever.

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