homes for the holidays: bold statements

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-13
This stone house is located in the tranquility of Rideau Forest with clear facade and bold interior colors, with lovely spiral stairs, attractive light fixtures and country solarium.
It is decorated by Michael Courdin Design and the owners have a great deal of imaginative Canadian paintings, many of which are floral worksthemed. Rebel Petal ()
In order to avoid losing the charm of their hometown, the people of the rebel petals avoid strong themes, although roses, red and tea lamps abound.
Visitors are greeted at the main entrance in colorful colors, thanks to the wreath of 300 red roses above the double door, as well as cedar, Magnolia and huge sugar pine fruit next to each door
The living room is anchored by a towering wall stone fireplace with high arched windows on both sides, a Christmas tree in a corner decorated with blue-green lights and 75 purple-red roses, each vase is stuffed into a glass vase filled with water and tied to a branch with thin gold wire.
The tree is the embodiment of grace. A jet-
The black granite island countertop adds drama to the creamy kitchen.
Rebel petals increase the impact by boarding the island with a string of red orchids and purple crystals and sparkling tea lights. The pièce-de-
The restaurant is at least resistant in color.
The cushion chair is hot pink and the carpet under the table echoes the shadow.
It sounds like an unlikely choice of colors, but it is very successful, especially in the presence of a lot of red
The table top is decorated with pink scarlet, Horseshoe Lotus and peony.
\"There is no theme for seasonal renovations because we don\'t want to do too much. We wanted all (Owner\'s)
\"Beautiful things are real features,\" said Michelle Van Der Bosh of the rebel petals, \"water, add 10-
15 holly trees with berries and presto!
Everywhere in your home, you can see the beautiful magnolia colors green and red.
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