hotel julien, antwerp: b&b and beyond

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-17
Hotel Julian is hidden behind the gray wooden door with few exterior signs and still the best hotel in Antwerp
Secret bedroom.
But it\'s a different story to walk inside. The 16th-
The century tower used to be a stamp auction house and felt like an elegant and warm home or at least a home I could afford.
The Julian Hotel is located in the heart of old Antwerp and was the first boutique hotel in the city when it opened in 2000.
Cool Lime
Overlooking the open air
The courtyard in the air, as well as the magnificent living room, decorated with cocktails;
Delicate mix of antiques, in the middle
In the century and modern times, some Art Deco was added.
The original structure of the building has been repaired sensitively.
The old oak flooring in the living room matches the new flooring elsewhere.
A pair of painted wood doors were found under the rubble of the basement and have been repaired and re-paintedhung.
The ceiling of the living room itself is a work of art, and there are some smaller details to enjoy, such as a beautifully carved wooden newel pillar, shaped like a snake with scales, there is also an iron railing with crawling gorgeous flowers.
The owner has added her own imagination elsewhere, including a glittering golden leaf wall at the end of the corridor, next to several acres of cool white Carrara marble and dazzling white mosaic floors
The cocktail bar is pure 1960 s charm and the black and white photo is a smiling Serge Gainsbourg that seems to cheer you up when you take a sip for the first time, the living room next door features classic sofas and chairs from Vitra and Emms.
The basement used to be a wine cellar and now has a luxurious spa.
The breakfast was well lit and well ventilated with a white marble surface and a clear white linen tablecloth, a smooth help
Your own thing, from the old Parma ham and Van Tritch cheese to the city\'s Michelin jam and croissants --
Star in the dome.
Tea has Japanese tea pots, sugar and milk with cast iron --
Throw a porcelain bowl-naturally white.
HostIt is no surprise that the owner, Mouche van Hool, was an interior designer before becoming the owner of the hotel.
Her eyes are impeccable, and she is very concerned about the details;
Even the paint is mixed in order.
She named the hotel after her youngest son and reportedly agreed to name the second hotel after another son, Henry.
BedroomIn 2008, van Hool expanded Julian by getting two doors downstairs and connecting them through the back passage.
Each bedroom has unique features ranging from a private terrace to a super Terracehigh ceilings.
Room 7 I stayed in had a beautiful original clay tile floor and huge marbleclad bath.
Pure white cotton sheets and original artwork.
The weekend in Antwerp is enough for you to stick to for a few weeks, assuming you can put up with leaving Julian-its central location means that most places are within walking distance.
The Red Star Line Museum, located in an original Wharf Warehouse, tells how nearly 2 million migrants from all over Europe set sail from here later19th and early-
In order to find a better life in America, 20 th century.
Striking 10-
The storey red sandstone museum in MAS offers views of Antwerp, while other attractions are not to be missed.
The sights to see include Reuben Shuis and Central Station, and you will pass through it if you arrive by train.
Design fans will love all the fashion and interior design shops, many of which are gathered at kloosterstrat;
In addition, in order to get the best results among the selected young Dutch and Belgian designers, please visit the memories of the 54 th.
Pit stop 13 (
00 32 3 337 79 91; graanmarkt13. be)
Upstairs is a fashion design shop. Downstairs is a restaurant offering delicious three
The lunch and dinner packages are 29 euros and 39 euros respectively.
The simplicity of the Seppe Nobel Prize, hospitality-
Style cooking includes a lot of herbs planted on the roof and the best truffle scrambled eggs I have ever tasted, which are packed in the shell of the egg box.
Hotel Julian, Korte nieuwstrat 24 Antwerp, Belgium (00 323 229 060; hotel-julien. com).
£ 140 including breakfast doubled.
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