house fires in newer neighbourhoods more likely to spread, says saskatoon fire chief

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
Saskatoon fire chief Morgan Harker said that because of the way the house was built, the fire in the city\'s newer neighborhoods was more likely to spread to the house next door.
Hackl noted the trend at a press conference on Wednesday that the number of fires caused by smoking materials has \"significantly\" increased in recent months.
\"In the new area, we see that on the outside of the House, the fire moves so fast and burns so hot that it actually extends to the house next door,\" Hackl said . \"
On the weekend of April 28, three townhouse units in Shiqiao and two houses in Changqing were damaged in two separate incidents.
On Tuesday, a dog died in a fire between two houses in Huilan Crescent district.
On Tuesday, two separate Saskatoon fires caused by improper disposal of smoking materials were killed in Saskatoon\'s Whelan Crescent fire, although Saskatoon fire department said all three, for example, decorate them with flower pots or plastic containers.
On Wednesday, the department advised the public on how to safely dispose of smoking materials.
\"Thirty years ago, we did education about smoking at home.
\"We have a lot of fires in our homes caused by smoking materials and improper disposal,\" Hackl said . \".
We\'re dealing with [people] today. who]
We are already smoking outside and we are dealing with most of these types of fires that occur in the backyard.
It is very important that we continue our education.
\"He said the department ran a project called after the fire, educating people in the area what would happen when the fire broke out.
The fire between the glue is more likely to spread, Harkel said.
Laminated wood used in \"modern\" residential buildings, such as residential buildings in newer neighborhoods.
Saskatoon fire department has the following suggestions to prevent fire smoking, materials including cigarettes, cigars, e-cigarettes
Cigarettes, drugs, lighters and matches.
Stay away from smoking materials that children are exposed.
Always use a deep ashtray or metal container with a lid to handle the smoking material to keep it at a safe distance from any combustible material.
Do not discard smoking materials in vegetation, covering, peat moss, potted plants, leaves, grass, or other easily burning materials.
Add smoking materials to the water or sand to ensure a safe outing.
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