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This Mediterranean
The style house, known as Villa Amarilla, was built in 2008 by the owner at 35-square-
Anguilla Island, a mile. The five-
The bedroom house has five full bathrooms and two and a half bathrooms
Lots of acres with a separate cottage and a pool terrace.
The effect of the yellow plaster wall and the red tile roof on Italy is obvious.
Nine big GE-
The cool shed with a cool shed has been forgediron-and-
Glass double front door, through three sets of floor, the sea can be seen outside the entrance hallto-
Ceiling French doors in the back wall of the living room.
Leslie El-said: \"You can see the view even before you enter the house
Efundy, one of the eight owners of the house.
Many French and sliding doors, terraces and terra-cotta-
Tiled balcony across the back of two-
The story house also offers panoramic views.
Inside, the House has \"Moroccan style \". el-Effendi said.
Under the arched ceiling of the entrance hall, the bright blue tiles on the floor criss with wood --
Textured ceramic planks, extending to the pattern of the living room, with a plaid ceiling with exposed beams in the living room.
One side of the entrance hall is a kitchen with vaulted beam ceilings, four arched windows and GE Profile appliances.
Hardwood floors in the surrounding cabinets with tiled countertops and riversRock tailgate;
On one side of the island table is river stone, and on the other side is bamboo chopping board.
Several arches lead to turquoise
A tiled bar and a restaurant with two glass walls.
French doors to the outdoor dining area.
On the other side of the entrance hall is a media room with arched windows, a master bedroom with a dressing area and a color tile attached bathroom with double vanity, with shower both indoors and outdoors.
There are two stairs next to the entrance hall, leading up to four bedrooms, each with an en-suite bathroom and walk-
In the closet, there is access to the central balcony.
The easternmost and westernmost bedrooms have an outdoor shower and a private balcony.
All the furniture, lady. el-
Alfindi, including coral, said
Covered with chandeliers and grills, and a white Chinese chipmunk restaurant.
16 air at home.
Air conditioning and full setHouse generator.
Doors and windows are equipped with impact glass.
Last year, the House stood unscathed by Hurricane Irma, although landscaping required some touches --
Ups, say Wiki el-
Owner efundy.
The outdoor kitchen on the terrace features a bar and barbecue facilities.
Both sides of the terrace have seating areas with cushions.
Leslie El-\"This is usually where we are at sunset. Effendi said.
The heated infinity salt water pool features a tiled lounge and spa.
The railing around the terrace extends along the double staircase to the lawn overlooking the sea.
There is also a laundry room with a separate entrance and a stand from the driveway
Detached villa with gym and full bathroom.
There are about five houses in this House.
Just a few minutes drive to the white place
Sandy beach east of sandbar Bay, within walking distance of island harbor, a picturesque fishing village known for its \"beach bar and more elegant restaurants\" and also an ice
Rent a kayak\'s cream shop, says Scott Hauser, owner of Anguilla Properties Sotheby\'s International real, which owns the property.
Most Americans fly to the neighboring Holy Island.
Maarten and 20-
Take a boat ride from the pier near Princess Juliana International Airport, just a few minutes away. Hauser said.
Home is 20-
A few minutes drive from the Blowing Point Ferry Terminal in Anguilla and 15 minutes from Clayton J.
Lloyds International airport for small private aircraft and island hoppers.
Anguilla, a British overseas territory with 15,000 residents, has \"bounced well\" since Hurricane Irma landed last year, but some infrastructure problems remain. Hauser said.
\"The market is quite strong, although the price is\" discounted by 25 to 30%, \"he said.
Prior to Irma, sellers were less willing to negotiate prices, he said, noting that \"bread and butter on the market\" was a house of between $750,000 and $1. Scope 5 million.
John Wigley, lawyer and manager of Anguilla real, said that Irma \"is a good thing in a way, because people become more realistic about selling their own houses.
However, he added that some buyers \"have a misconception\" that they can buy \"damaged properties\" at a fairly cheap price \".
Most of the houses on the island were built with concrete, he said, \"That\'s not going to work.
Before 2017, the luxury market was \"quite active\", which attracted great attention, especially among people with high net worth.
\"It\'s worth buying,\" said Robert Cooper, director and editor of Seventh Paradise Properties, which specializes in Caribbean real estate.
After Irma, Mr.
\"Surveys and home sales have fallen sharply,\" Cooper said.
But in \"relatively small, high
The real estate market, \"the asking price has not dropped significantly.
At the top of the market in Anguillan, he said, \"the world-
The price of super luxury beachfront homes is still as high as $20 million.
In recent years, the development of some apartments has provided buyers with \"opportunities to buy such high-end apartments\"
Through a more modest investment, it will eventually reach its destination . \"
Cooper said, \"the additional benefits of the resort --
Style amenities and long-
Distance ownership is removed.
Since re-opening
Irma in April, $5.
2 million apartment in 136-
Four Seasons holiday apartments in Anguilla, with 25 more on the market (
43 units have been sold since the Four Seasons hotel was renamed former governor property in 2016).
The price is a full set of furnished suites, townhouses range from $750,000 in luxury studios to $10 million in A-9, 500square-foot, five-bedroom, five-
Bathroom beach house with pool.
Nick Cassidy, president of IMI world Properties, said that when they are out of residence, buyers usually put the houses in a hotel rental project that is being marketed with Douglas Elliman(
A $10 million villa usually rents between $6,000 and $8,000 per night, and up to $25,000 per night before and after Christmas. )
Although \"relatively small\", the real estate market in Anguilla is one of the \"top markets for luxury goods in the Caribbean --
The real estate market . \"
There are several properties with very high rental income, Cooper said.
Record of creating potential and hosting the World
Celebrity guests.
Mr. Anguilla mainly attracts buyers from the United States and Canada, especially those who live in the Northeast, some of them from Chicago and Toronto, and some from the United Kingdom and Europe. Hauser said.
The Shoal Bay on the northeast coast, the Mez Bay and Barnes Bay in the southwest direction, \"traditionally popular with foreign buyers \". Cooper said.
Buyers of Four Seasons Hotel are \"from all over the world \".
Including Cassini from Italy, Sweden, the United Kingdom and Canada.
However, most of them come from the northeast of the United States, some from Arizona and North Carolina.
Foreigners not only buy property for their own use in Anguilla, but also because it has the potential to generate rental income.
The owners of four couples Amarilla House from Texas often rent a house. el-Effendi said.
Foreign buyers known as \"non\"
A permit must be applied for foreign land.
He said the application would cost $400 and the approval process would take two to three months, including government interviews, banks and other references. Wigley said.
Homes purchased by foreigners cannot exceed half an acre.
Sir, the new house must be at least 2,000 square feet, construction time not more than 18 months from the issuance of a permit
Wigley said that although this time limit has not been strictly enforced since Irma.
Tourism Administration of Anguillan: ivisitanguilla.
Government: government
Villa: Villa. comEnglish;
Eastern Caribbean dollar (
If it is rented, the eastern Caribbean 1 will also need to pay an additional $1,200.
Sotheby\'s International Real Estate Limited, 1-264-498-0123; sothebysrealty.
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