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Bedroom villa at CAP Manor for $2.
5 milliliters on 2.
This home covers an area of 85 acres, neatly trimmed, sloping park, near Cap Estate in the Gros Islet community in the northwest of Caribbean island. Lucia.
Villa Atlanta as a singlestory, 8,000-square-
Foot house is known and built in 2007.
It is only a short drive from the main road, at the end of a closed lane with a circular intersection.
A limestone balcony surrounds three sides of the house with six bedrooms and five and a half bathroomsand views.
\"On a Clear Day You Can See the top of a cave 20 miles away,\" said St. ceo Christos Poravas
Lusia Sotheby\'s International property with listings.
The Pitton Mountains are located in the South;
The North is the hills of the golf course and Cap Manor.
The coral steps in front of the house become narrow near the arch porch and double doors.
The foyer has a high ceiling, a lime tile floor and Tuscan-
The style arch leads to the central courtyard with water in the middle.
The ceiling of the kitchen is white wooden board;
Central Island with kitchen tables and double sinks;
Double wall oven and microwave oven; a stone-Tile tailgate;
Granite countertops; and two Sub-
Zero refrigerator matching white cabinets.
French doors open to 4,000-square-
The foot cover balcony with branches and wings, with 60-
An infinite pool of feet between the two.
The restaurant is open to the balcony and the pool deck, and also leads to a large room with stone walls, a 15-foot tongue-and-
Ceiling and several sets of doors. The 1,300-square-
The foot master suite outside the foyer has a wooden floor and two doors leading to the Juliet balcony with a view of the Caribbean Sea.
The marble master bathroom comes with two vanity tables, a pedestal bathtub, an open shower and a double door to the balcony.
Of the four bedrooms on the other side of the foyer, two share a bathroom and two are bathroomssuite.
And an en-
Suite bedroom close to kitchen and TV room outside courtyard close to family bedroom.
A staircase came out of the master.
Suite hallway to the laundry room and twocar garage.
Six beaches within five. minute drive;
The nearest one is the beach.
Rodney Bay is a tourist area with docks, supermarkets, boutiques, nightclubs, casinos and restaurants and is a 10-minute drive.
Hvanola International Airport near Fort South is capable of handling international flights from Europe and North America;
In the north, near the capital stries, inside
Take George F. L.
Charles Regional Airport.
Market Profile.
St. Lucia has more than 160,0000 residents, but it has not been hit by a hurricane. Thomas and St.
Martin in autumn
Tourism is the engine of real estate on the island \". Poravas said.
But in contrast, like Barbados, Saint
Martin and Antigua, he added
Lucia \"is still, to a large extent,and-
The upcoming destination is a much smaller market in the early stages of its development.
He said that although the market has risen from last year, it is still slowly recovering from the global recession nearly a decade ago.
Although there are not many list services, Mr.
Poravas says he has dozens of listed companies ranging from $500,000 to $10 million.
The \"vast majority of deals\" he saw were done on vacation --
This is a buyer\'s market, he added. Two-bedroom, two-
David Farrin, general manager of Doubloon Real Estate, said that the house in roderney was developed in a townhouse with a swimming pool, near the water in Rodney Bay, starting at $350,000 to $400,000.
Most of them have furniture, and there are docks nearby.
Further south, a UNESCO World Heritage site between the Pitton ranges, Sugar Beach plans to build 5 new houses, a governor\'s resort with 96 hotel rooms.
Two coastal areas have been sold;
There will be 4,300 of the other three-to 8,000-
$8 square foot house.
25 million, said Penny Strawson, property director.
During the period from 2012 to last December, 22 hillside homes of 2,500 to 4,000 square feet were built and sold there for between $3 million and $6 million.
Heather frosiac, Bellevue Hotel is in St.
Lucia says there are \"all kinds\" of new homes and apartments in the northern and southern parts of the island at prices ranging from $166,000
$9 million family villa in a high-end resort. WHO BUYS IN ST.
60% of his foreign buyers are from the UK.
25% of them are from the United States, and most of the rest are from Canada, Farrin said. Ms.
Some of her buyers are from Italy and Slovakia, Mr. Strawson said.
Most foreign buyers often come from places where we have direct flights.
Polavas says it includes London, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Miami and Charlotte. C.
Some buyers are also from other parts of the Caribbean, he said.
After paying a 10% deposit for the property, a foreign buyer is required to obtain a permanent, non-transferable foreigner\'s land holding permit, which is granted to a particular property.
A permit must be registered and a contract prepared by a local lawyer.
The application fee for the permit is $1,500 for the Eastern Caribbean (or about $550).
Fees for the license itselfC. 5,000 (about $1,840)
Property less than one acre or lessC. 10,000 ($3,680)
More than one acre property.
It will take four to six weeks to handle the permit.
If the buyer is an international company, there is no need for a permit to hold the land of a foreigner. Farrin said.
Official Travel Website: Saint Lucia.
Official website: government.
English, Creole and currency;
Eastern Caribbean dollar (1 E. C.
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