How does the floor match the wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-27
What are the color matching rules of

floor and wooden door ?

Now the style and color of the floor are changing with each passing day. It pays attention to the visual experience and pays attention to collocation, instead of accumulating one's own preferences. This has become a new concept for people to decorate their homes.

colors will affect people's visual effects. Warm colors are expanded colors and cold colors are contracted colors. Therefore, attention should be paid to the choice of wood floor when purchasing. The floor of a room with a small area should be dark and cool, so that people can feel the area expanding. If you choose a warm color floor with bright colors, the space will appear narrower and increase the sense of depression.

at the same time, because the floor decoration belongs to long-term decoration, it will not be replaced frequently under normal circumstances, so many factors should be considered when selecting the floor, among which, the color matching between the ground and the wooden door is a very important topic. Then analyze some of the rules that should be paid attention to when the floor and the wooden door color match, and find the best wooden door companion for the floor.

dark floor series

dark floor matching with dark wooden doors is often used in conservative design or traditional style design. This kind of collocation is more common. The traditional decoration concept is that the color of the wall or door should be lighter than the ground, which can stretch the visual sense of space.

The dark floor is equipped with white wooden doors, which is not very coordinated in style. It is suggested that consumers should not use such tricks.

light or white floor series

light floor, dark wooden door, such decoration is suitable for warm style room decoration, however, such a match seems to be a bit top-heavy, and it is recommended not to take it.

white floor, light-colored wooden door and medium-colored floor have the same matching effect as medium-colored door, which will make the whole living room space unable to find its exit and appear depressed and insecure.

medium Color Floor series

medium color floor is relatively frequently used and belongs to a relatively safe color, even if the match is not good, it will not go wrong. The matching method of medium color floor and dark color door is very common, and many styles are suitable. The matching of medium-color floors and light-color doors is also very common. Some modern styles, mixes and matches, fields and so on all use this matching method.

The color door in the color floor, such decorative effect will make the whole room space appear depressed and insecure, it is recommended not to take.

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