How many points should you pay attention to when selecting Guangdong wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-02-27

how many points should you pay attention to when selecting Guangdong wooden doors?

Guangdong wooden door, as an important part of bedroom decoration, has been paid more and more attention. Consumers are often blind when buying wooden doors, only from the appearance and brand to buy, buy wooden doors to pay attention to a few points.

function: in addition to the security door considering safety factors, from the perspective of beauty and practicality, most people choose a solid and heavy wood door with decorative effect. The doors of the foyer and living room mostly adopt fan-type, push-pull type or folding type door, while its style is full glass door type divided by square format, which is small and convenient in space area, it has the characteristics of simplicity, brightness, transparency and brightness. The bedroom door should choose a warm, natural and elegant solid wood door type, which gives the owner a quiet and safe feeling. The design of the door should adopt the semi-glass oval door with beautiful shape, simple and elegant, or the ancient window edge pattern, which can produce the effect of antique scholar and cultural color. The kitchen door should be sandblasted, frosted pattern and semi-transparent half-sided glass door, while the bathroom door should be a unique full solid wood door to give people privacy and security or use the upper full frosted half-glass door type, can give people a sense of quiet. The door of the storeroom should be made of Louver wood with good air permeability. Quality: The quality of the manufacturing process directly affects the service life of the door. The wooden door with guaranteed manufacturing process is not easy to deform and crack due to its low moisture content. The sound insulation effect of the wooden door depends on the material of the door and the details of the processing process. Since the sound insulation performance of the door is realized by reducing the air flow, the higher the density of the door, the heavier the weight, the better the sound insulation effect.
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