How many types of common interior doors are there?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-18

1. solid wood paint-free door: He mainly uses Square solid wood as a frame, with pine inside, then on the surface of the lake is a panel similar to a reinforced floor material, and the surface is hot pressed with a layer of PVC material! The surface of this kind of door is not very smooth, the gloss is not very good, and the PVC film on the surface is easy to foam after a long time!

second, solid wood paint door: he is similar to the paint-free door structure, but the surface is painted, the gloss is better! But is not easy to foaming quality better in solid wood paint the door.

3. Solid wood steel door: he also has square solid wood as a frame, and then has a layer of steel plate on the surface of the lake. This kind of door is easy to form a nest, because the surface is only a thin layer of steel plate, it may rust over time!

Four, pure Real wooden door : No, it is made of pure solid wood, if you have money, you can buy it. It has good texture, good hand feeling and high grade. If the quality is not good enough to dry, it may crack over time!

5. Plastic steel door or titanium-magnesium alloy door: plastic steel or titanium-magnesium alloy frame with glass in the middle. This kind of door is mainly on sliding door or folding door, it is used on the door of kitchen, toilet, storage room or balcony.

6. There is also a white stubble door, which is the primary color door, 150- 200 yuan is very cheap. It is the kind that buys a door leaf to paint by itself. Guangzhou door Industry

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