How should wooden doors in different positions be selected?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-31

entrance door

If the width of the door opening is relatively large, you can choose the door for children and mothers, one large and one small, Holtz country door, and the entrance cabinet with the same color, which is harmonious and more fashionable and beautiful.

bedroom door

bedroom is a place to sleep and a quiet and comfortable space. Holtz wooden door , T-shaped structure, heat preservation and sound insulation. The choice of dark color system makes people feel calm and is conducive to the improvement of sleep quality.

bathroom door

wood color, glass shape, safe and beautiful, and effectively distinguish from other areas.

kitchen door

for the kitchen, the sliding door can be said to be the best partner for the kitchen. The transparent or frosted glass material has good light transmission performance, and not afraid of oil smoke, corrosion resistance, easy to clean! What is even more rare is that the sliding door can be skillfully connected with the living room, and the transition is natural, reflecting the rationality of the space collocation.

invisible door

I don't say where can you find the door? Visually, the invisible door is visually integrated with the wall and has a very strong decorative function; Functionally, the invisible door takes into account the dual functions of wooden doors and walls.

background wall

If you want the living room integration effect to be more obvious, then choose such a background wall! Holtz wall hanging wallpaper, although simple in shape, is still beautiful!

wall hanging Board solid wood door

wall hanging board suitable for modern minimalist style! Its thermal insulation, sound insulation and environmental protection characteristics are especially suitable for all kinds of high-end places. Compared with wallpaper or large white wall, wall hanging board is easy to clean and longer.

The organic combination of semi-wall hanging board and wallpaper makes the whole wall both fashionable and atmospheric, avoiding the monotony of white wall and improving the grade of home decoration, highlighting the taste and pursuit of the owner is the trend of modern home decoration.

The barn door

If you have not paid attention to the barn door before, then you must not despise it now, it has become a hot topic in interior decoration. Its unique appearance makes many young people who pursue fashion personality favor it.

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