How strengthen the wooden door production?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-01

aggrandizement wood is widely used in our daily life, its production is very important, the wooden door of strengthening wooden door manufacturer to you talk about how to make?

select material, of course. The choice of raw materials, auxiliary materials directly determines the quality of the wooden door. Currently senior wood door process are mostly solid wood composite, both keep many of the advantages of natural fact wood, and avoid the defect of the solid wood easy to deformation and cracking. The core part of the door leaf is made of high quality after drying kiln drying white pine, can avoid the finished product door crack and deformation caused by excessive moisture content; The middle section of 5 mm thick MDF; Surface for the imported solid wood veneer. Wooden door is green, with the glue is also key, suggest that we ask the salesman when wood of choose and buy, the brand, the indicator of glue.

the second is the equipment. As a professional large door as the factory, should have the sanding machine, edge banding machine, burnish, hot press, automatic spray paint, numerical control machining center, etc. From device can accurately judge the scale of the factory.

the third is the production process, currently on the market truly advanced wood processing cycle in 20 to 30 days. Relative to board type furniture, the technology of the door is more sophisticated, drying of need course lumber, rough machining, arenaceous light, sealing side many 30 working procedure such as that just can assure door leaf and the paint that slip like the silk like lens face. Door open several frequency is very high, choose to go up so not only should consider modelling, environmental protection, the key views character, durable sex even.

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