how the \"the good wife\" went bad: your comprehensive guide to the many recent fails of a previously-great show

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
Good Wife Season 5 is a wonderful and exciting TV season.
Yes, the \"Good Wife\" is mainly about a pile of Wells.
Heeled lawyers at several Chicago law firms don\'t sound like edge-of-your-
Seat Suspense, yes, it takes four years of background stories to fully understand, which is a big promise for a new audience.
But \"Good Wife\" is a prestige drama built on the network model, which means its 22-
The episode Four Seasons offers a lot of entry points into the character world, both through the ongoing episode 4 --year-
Drama or technology related
This week\'s orientation case.
One of the reasons this season is so attractive is because it has its own arc --the long-
The long-awaited love ending between Will and Alicia was largely driven by actor Josh Charles\'s decision to leave the show.
Season 5 tells the story of Alicia trying to build independence, some of which mean hurting the person closest to her.
When Will died suddenly in the middle of the season, Alicia was forced to deal with her injuries to him.
In the end, when she decided to run for the Illinois attorney general, she found a way without Peter, his or her husband.
This season is not so rewarding.
Now, the question I get from fans of \"good wives\" over and over again is simple: what happened to the strictest online drama on TV, it seems like it crashed overnight.
On the eve of the last episode, it\'s hard to say what\'s going on this season: we watched an election, some time in prison, an investigation into drug dealers, and the consequences of voter fraud, but it\'s hard to integrate these events into a coherent narrative, and it\'s harder to guess why these narratives are important to our audience.
It is widely believed that the upcoming seventh season is the last season of the show, which makes the mistakes more acute.
Will that be the case from now on? Is everything going downhill after Charles leaves the show? What\'s wrong here, at least something that makes Season 6 Weird, disappointed. 1.
Kalinda, Part 1: So far, it is impossible to discuss the trajectory of \"Good Wife\" without acknowledging the increasingly different roles of Kalinda Sharma (Archie Panjabi)
The incredible bad guy legal investigator was very important in the first few seasons, and then was at the center of a rather unsatisfactory plot with her estranged husband Nick in season 4. (
In fact, the plot of the film is so unpopular with fans that the show\'s hosts, Robert and Michelle King, wrote Nick a whole half of the story. season early. )
Despite the distaste of Nick and Kalinda\'s adventures in soft serve, Nick is just one symptom of the bigger problem: the King doesn\'t know what to do with Kalinda.
The character is a creative Darling and they can\'t let themselves kill people.
Panjabi, I think, has worked harder on her own and she is really excellent in her limited role.
Kalinda\'s reason for her presence in the first and second seasons is her friendship with the main character and nominal good wife Alicia Florrick (
Juliana Margulis).
In her first years at the law firm, she was not just Alicia\'s closest friend, she was her only friend.
Then at the end of season 2, Alicia found out that Kalinda and her husband Peter had a sleep before they became friends (Chris Noth).
Both were destroyed and their relationship could never be restored.
The show turned its attention to different things, in part because it is the type of avoidance that people often pursue in order to bypass awkward intimate conversations.
It was a beautiful and sad break-up, even more because I was a friend.
Break up instead of romance.
Alicia had an affair with will. Charles)
Obviously, it\'s driven by a need --
Her husband and her best friend.
Kalinda took a torch: she thought Alicia was an innocent person and she was hurt by carelessness, so she became very protective of her.
It becomes melodramatic.
Alicia\'s daughter is missing and Linda finds her.
Alicia spoke to the wrong criminal, and Kalinda walked up to the mattress with a baseball bat.
Without Alicia\'s friendship that made her human, Kalinda became a comic.
Without betraying the nature of the character\'s closure, the authenticity of her and Alicia cannot be reproduced with others
She didn\'t want to get in touch with other people, so she got nervousLeather lip print
Wearing a robot is more of an avatar of torture \"cool\" than a related character.
What this character needs is to mend the relationship with Alicia and restore her role as a mysterious but loyal partner.
At some point in season 4, it seems to be on the horizon.
They all made some efforts for reconciliation. the chair-
A big step)
, All other role relationships involving Alicia are discussed in detail: she thinks the manager, colleague
Workers, big families and political opponents.
Kalinda brought Alicia something while working on the case in Minnesota, they were hanging out in the hotel room, a bit like before.
And then . . . . . . Never . . . . . . Happened. 2.
Kalinda, Part 2: off-site
The moment at the hotel was the last time they spoke.
At 2014, BuzzFeed reported that Margulies and Panjabi did not appear in the same scene in the 30 episode --
It\'s just a phone call when they have to talk.
Then Panjabi announced that she would leave at the end of season 6.
But the deadline didn\'t change her.
The screen dynamics of Margulies.
At this point, the two did not appear in the same scene for more than 50 episodes --
A crazy fact is that considering the fact that both actresses have won Emmy Awards for playing opposite roles in the first few seasons of the show.
From now on-
There\'s another episode from the end of Panjabi\'s tenure on the show --
The most successful outcome we have had in this friendship is Flashback and handwritten notes communicated through third parties.
As an audience dedicated to the relationship between the two characters, this is not satisfactory --
What\'s worse, it seems to be to manage somescreen drama.
The general consensus is that the two actresses have fallen out, but how will this affect their common scene --
Time in a company
Anyone can guess that a romantic partner usually takes the opposite action.
But this shift has put Kalinda in trouble and has been arrested between reconciliation with Alicia and the growing narrative.
Josh Chalus
The screen decided to eventually become a limit in favor of the King;
For some reason, the situation in Panjabi is not easy to control.
The result is that season 6 is a small part of missed opportunities and unfulfilled wishes --
Of course, the desire of the Plato, but the desire.
Will\'s absence left a blank for the play\'s character.
Driving stories that Kalinda can\'t complete at all.
In addition to Alicia\'s friendship with Kalinda, there is no \"few words\" similar to the flashing of Season 5 \";
There is not even \"another ham sandwich\" to summarize the first two stories of the grand jury prosecution, both centered on Kalinda and Alicia.
This leads to my next point: 3.
\"Good Wife\" has failed almost all the main stories of the season. (
The only thing that wasn\'t there was about Kalinda, and as I just tried to explain, Kalinda didn\'t feel anything. )
Every story line
Each detailed storyline
Take its character to a place that looks and feels like the beginning, but doesn\'t seem to comment on this strange feeling of deja vu. Like:a)
Strong Music chair.
So this is Florrick-Agos, but it\'s Florrick, Agos, and Locke Road, and then big brother Agos, Lee.
I understand the reason why all these lawyers keep changing their lawyers, but the main reason is that \"good wife\" doesn\'t want to write Diane (
Christine Baranski)or David Lee (Zach Grenier)
As a formal actor.
But to prove this, the story has to go through the Byzantine re-arrangement of names and partnerships --
Further, access to the almost unimaginable convenience: it brought the new company back to the old office of Lockhart/Gardner, just a few months after Alicia and Cary left dramatically. b)Election drama.
Alicia ran for SA and won, but then got involved in the internal scandal of the Democratic Party and was forced to withdraw.
It\'s devastating, but it makes most of the stories of the season meaningless.
What\'s the point, Alicia seems to be saying to herself because she frantically got off a salvaged wooden door in last week\'s don\'t fail.
\"At least she has a door.
The rest of us have no such comfort.
The story of nearly 20 episodes, including the famous guest star, tells a conversation with Peter and Alicia, who has no poker face at all and has to work hard for something --
However, the show never really explains why Alicia wants to run for office, or what she thinks is \"good\", \"right\" or \"necessary \".
\"Most of the shows before this season have shown that Alicia is a character driven by ambition and self. interest.
Only occasionally, the character has a moment to stop and ask himself --
Am I doing the right thing? What do I care about? Alicia\'s campaign did not bring her closer.
Need the population in an important way, or show her the rich returns of power.
Instead, it seems to be one of the things she does because she\'s tired of working as a lawyer, which makes me feel like it\'s an extremely fake thing: anyone who has seen Alicia defend the case will know that she has been in court for a while.
After all this. all of that—
Let her lose her seat in a hurry to explain, and a bit too pat (
Will there be red tape for recount)
. . . . . . Well, that\'s enough to make it a bit crazy for even the most loyal fans. c)
The whole plot raised from \"wires\" or something.
When it starts, deal with the subplot of the company\'s deal with drug lord Lemmon Bishop (Mike Colter)
It seems to be one of the rare moments when the \"Good Wife\" will notice the almost shocking non-moral nature of its main character, and these lawyers come together and they use almost entirely the terms of truth and justice to get a lot of cash.
From the beginning, Bishop was wandering around the periphery of the series;
In season 6 he became more dangerous, he put Kari in prison and faced six years in prison, forcing Kalinda to run errands for him and use his lawyer as a shield to avoid being prosecuted
The plot seemed ready for the whole season;
Not all season.
Yes, it happened.
But the impact of the story will never disappear.
Alicia had to avoid some questions about Bishop during her election, but beyond that, it was an almost isolated suspense plot --
Kalinda sacrificed her life in Chicago to protect the people she cares about and put Bishop in prison, a climax.
As we have been told, she has been missing before.
But the audience already knew that she was leaving the show, which meant that Kalinda was entangled with Bishop from the beginning, and it was not difficult to guess that he would be responsible for how she would be canceled.
Anyway, we have a lot of stories that don\'t end.
At the same time take the most predictable route to the above places.
Even Sarah Steele is not Marissa Gold, she is digging up comedy at every moment --
Screen, can make it better. 4.
Where\'s eligold from EliAlan Cumming-
His daughter, Marissa, joined this year. Steele)—
Is one of the true treasures of the show, he is a Rahm Emanuel type of person, the personality can not be suppressed, more careful than he wants to admit.
The election plot seems to guarantee his time.
I mean, this is what happened in Season 2, when he was fulltime—
But the main plot of the election is the performances of David Head Pearce, David Krum Hortz, Steven Pasquale and Oliver Pratt.
In a show that\'s already struggling to tell the story of characters without Will Gardner, it\'s a lot of new faces;
Eli is at least a familiar person.
Instead, part of the reason for the endless plot of the election story is that while all these new characters are capable actors, it is difficult to take care of them.
Margulies always makes the most of everything and it\'s good, but what I expect from this show is that it\'s not convincing or wonderful.
Also, Alicia hooked up with Johnny from Pasquale, which is weird because: 5.
Have already kissed!
The best thing about Season 6 is the introduction of Finn pomma by Matthew Goodall, who is very handsomeso-
The subtle person who eventually moves into the old Lockhart/Gardner office will be replaced.
Every time Alicia needs a lawyer, she does not call Diane or Cary, but rather Finn;
In the middle of the season, they are close to a dangerous approach.
Kiss Alicia de Murray before she steps back.
I understand: The King may want to build this relationship in the seventh season, both to give them a reasonable time between Will\'s death and Alicia\'s next relationship, so they have something to do in the seventh season.
But it\'s so boring to watch them move around each other carefully.
I know it\'s common practice to make a big romantic twist at the end of the season, but this season may be a good shot.
Make things funny old-fashioned beats. (
In order to avoid you calling me impolite: the desire for a \"good wife\" has been incorporated into its premises, and in season 3 Some of the hottest sex seen on the Web has appeared.
This is a program with more energy than power. )
* Let me be clear: \"Good Wife\" surprised me in the past and may surprise me again.
Last week\'s \"Don\'t Fail\" was one of the first great episodes after a series of medium episodes that surprised me at the end of the season (
Like the one coming next week)
It has the ability to go from mediocrity to glory and build a full season with a dime.
Everything could change on Sunday night and I\'m glad to see it.
But, unfortunately, the reason is too clear if you want to know exactly what went wrong so far.
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