How to Buy and Maintain a Fiberglass Exterior Door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-05-01
Fiberglass exterior doors are often an excellent choice, giving the overall appearance of a wood door without the maintenance problems that come along with a wood door. They can have a finished appearance that is just as beautiful as a wood door, but are much more durable, since they are impervious to moisture and will not rot or warp. They are also easy to finish, and the finish on a fiberglass door will be long-lasting and easy to maintain as well. Fiberglass is made from very fine glass fibers, so the door will be extremely strong, as well as resistant to the scratches and dents that can easily occur with a steel door. Buying a Fiberglass Exterior Door When buying a fiberglass exterior door, there are a few points to first take into consideration. Although you can certainly purchase just a door, in most cases you will be buying a pre-hung door system. This will make installation easier, since the door will already be hung in its frame, the bottom edge of the door will be designed to work well with the threshold, with weather stripping already incorporated. A lockset and the hinges will also be included as part of the system. When purchasing an exterior door, you will also need to make design choices. Doors will have either a paneled or flush surface, and many times exterior door systems will come with side door glass lights. Choose a door that is the proper size for the exterior door opening, in a style that will complement the appearance of your home. You will also want to pay attention to which direction the door needs to open, so that you select either a left-hand or right-hand door to suit your needs. Maintaining a Fiberglass Exterior Door When you first install a fiberglass exterior door, it will need to be finished to suit your needs. Clear finishes and stains that are designed to be used on a fiberglass door are similar to urethanes and oil stains that are used on wood doors. These finishes must be applied carefully, following the manufacturer's instructions, to insure that a good coating is achieved. In most cases, this process will include first cleaning the door's surface with a special cleaner designed for this purpose before first applying the stain product, and then sealing the door with the clear finish coat after the stain has completely dried. Plan to finish a door on a day when the temperature is moderate, as most finish products don't work well when the temperate is too hot or too cold, and never work in direct sunlight or on a windy day, as the stains and finishes will dry too quickly and you'll be likely to get streaks in the finished surface. Stains and finishes that are designed for fiberglass doors are very durable and long-lasting, but over time the surface may begin to show signs of exposure to the outdoor elements. When refinishing a fiberglass door, it is first necessary to remove the old finish coat and stain completely, using removers that have been specifically designed to be safe with the door you've chosen. Then, the door can be re-stained and finished.
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