How to 'care' white wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-30

now a lot of people like the color of black and white and the simple, some families choose the white wooden door, the visual effect of white wood door is very good, but it is easy to dirty, the wooden door manufacturer to bring the 'care' white wooden door.

1, wooden door or white light color wood general appropriate with dry cloth to wipe, and don't always wipe with wet cloth, because the paint easy peeling, the water loss. White wooden door to avoid sun exposure, direct sunlight can cause deformation of wooden door, at the same time also can cause yellowing white household.

2, smudgy trace on the wooden door, use warm water to clean clean, can use alcohol to wipe gently.

3, common white wooden door cleaner to wipe on the market, also can maintain same day long ever new, bright bright white.

4, if feel dirty or above is not wipe off, can use the dentifrice or toothpaste to wipe the white wooden door, can be changed.

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