How to check the quality of solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-12

a lot of people in the real wood of choose and buy is compound when the door of the lacquer that bake, the first view is the quality problem, today wood door manufacturer to teach everyone to check the quality of solid wood composite painting door way.

1, wood veneer, foaming, explain the uneven heat in the process of attached with wood, or uneven coating, flat hot-pressing machine can solve the problem of the flat door stick a skin balance;

2, wood surface roughness is not enough, that plank choose relatively cheap, plate flatness is not enough, it is conceivable that environmental performance is difficult to meet, it was a bit of autumn;

3, whether technology joint even tiny: whether process seam even tiny, directly reflect the comprehensive enterprise technological level;

4, see the installation quality, finished product suite door while finish production in the factory, but really become commodity products to customers to use in order to be complete, so from the factory is only semi-finished products, the door installation is the key link. Good installation process, installation tools, experienced technicians is the key to a successful installation;

5, see hardware: finally, the hardware, this is a very easy to let the wood door manufacturer with customers on the quality of decision and evasive, suggest the customer do not themselves as far as possible the replacement hardware parts, if the factory can't provide acceptable hardware products, your choice must choose brand metal hardware products, such products are generally lifetime warranty.

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