How to choose a wooden door for home decoration?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-19

first, according to different materials, wooden door can be divided into solid wood door , solid wood composite door, molded door and ordinary there are four categories of plywood doors, safety factors should be considered first when purchasing. If it is used as an outdoor door, it is recommended to choose a stronger solid wooden door or solid wood composite door.

second, observe the paint film of the wooden door. Runcheng wooden door teaches you a little skill, standing on the inclined side of the door to find the angle of reflection of the door surface, and observing whether the paint film of the wooden door is flat, whether there are protruding small particles, and whether the orange peel phenomenon is obvious. If the above phenomenon exists, the painting process is not closed. If the paint film of the wooden door is full, it means that the quality of the paint used is better, the polymerization is strong, and the painting process is relatively perfect.

third, observe the appearance of the wooden door. Carefully check the color, details and texture of the wooden door. If the wooden door is of good quality, the color of the door panel will be more uniform and natural, and the hand feeling of the door panel material will be smoother and more delicate. Exquisite workmanship of wooden doors, the door leaf and door cover should be symmetrical, accurate fitting, no deformation.

fourth, observe the hardware. The use of locks, hinges, door suction and other hardware parts of wooden doors is extremely high, so their quality must be guaranteed.

Fifth, smell the smell and preliminarily identify whether the wooden door meets the environmental protection requirements. Open the closed wooden door or smell the smell of the wooden door at close range. If there is a strong pungent smell, even dry eyes, tears, sneezing and other symptoms, it means that the formaldehyde emission of the wooden door is high, the choice of this product should be extremely cautious.

Home decoration wooden door is the guardian angel of the family, carefully guarding the safety and privacy of every family. Therefore, all owners must be careful when choosing home decoration wooden door, only by comparing products of different brands from various aspects can we buy wooden doors with satisfactory and guaranteed quality.

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