How to choose and buy wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-23

door is a facade in the home, not only play a decorative role, also protect our security, wood door manufacturer to tell you about how to choose and buy wood door today?

1, the color of choose and buy

must first determine the color of the wooden door, wooden door and overall color to decorate a style to agree, Chinese style to decorate most choose red series, fashion simple style decorate most use white wooden door. Wooden door and the colour of metope should have obvious contrast, this can highlight the administrative levels feeling of the room. Wooden door color near the furniture and the anchor line color, can make a room look more harmonious.

2, using the environment

if the home is warm suggestion must choose solid wood composite door, original wood door in the long-term dry environment is easy to crack, again good quality door can also be craze.

3, taste

try to choose the big brand of wooden door, when choosing the sample of the door, estimation is can't smell smell, but it is not necessarily to your home, so be sure to ask for product quality report to the businessman, if harmful substances such as formaldehyde exceeds bid is certainly no quality report.

4, solid wood composite door

on the market the most refers to the composite solid wooden door, wooden door is also a common wooden door, solid wood composite door is the door core filled with wood, density board and solid mumupi is stuck outside. Advantages of good stability, not affected by humidity, high hardness, not easy to deformation, etc, have been occupy the market mainstream, wooden door price from low to high more than money. Merchants of door samples will be ready to broken section, you can get in to see what is inside.

5, the original wooden door

the original wood door is the door is made from wood. This is the original wood door the cause of the high cost, quality pass again the original wood door is 5000 yuan of above, or even tens of thousands of. And wood defect is clear, be afraid of dry, afraid of damp, fear of the knock against. The advantage is a high-end atmosphere, good sound insulation. Heavy weight than solid wood composite door, relatively speaking is relatively high to the requirement of folding, bad quality of folding is unable to bear the weight of the original wood door.

6, paint wooden door

paint is one of the important standards, consideration quality wooden door direct method is to use hand to touch, surface smooth and even. Pay special attention to the uneven sag, generally this part is easy to overlook.

that's wooden door manufacturer to share the method of wooden door of choose and buy, hope to help everyone.

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