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How To Choose the Sliding Door?

How To Choose the Sliding Door?


Learn more knowledge and information about the wooden door industry. Welcome to browse for updates every day. Today, Runcheng wooden door would like to tell people how to choose the sliding door and some precautions of them.

In modern decoration design, sliding doors are widely used, usually used in partitions of balconies and living rooms, partitions of kitchens and dining rooms, etc., which not only have a simple atmosphere and do not occupy space, but also introduce natural light into the interior. But how should the sliding door be chosen? And what are the precautions?

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How to choose the sliding door?

1. Glass material

Except for bathroom doors and kitchen doors that may require frosted glass, most sliding doors in other places use transparent glass, and the choice of glass directly determines the sound insulation and visual effects of doors and windows. Choose a better double-layer vacuum toughened glass, even if broken, it will not hurt people, and the safety factor is high. Residents with higher requirements can also use LOW-E glass. If it is a hot summer day and the outdoor temperature is high, the LOW-E glass can reflect the heat radiation and prevent the heat from entering the room, thereby saving a certain amount of electricity.

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2. Aluminum material

The profile of sliding door can be divided into aluminum alloy and broken bridge aluminum alloy. The broken bridge aluminum is a double-sided aluminum alloy profile with a pa66 heat insulation strip in the middle, which has stronger thermal insulation performance. The lower-quality profiles are relatively poor in strength, sealing, and wind pressure resistance, so when buying, you should observe whether the material surface and cross-section are flat.

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3. Track height

For sliding doors used in different places, the track design is different. For example, the glass door of the balcony partition should be equipped with high and low tracks to prevent water ingress on rainy days. Considering the safety of the elderly and children in the home, you can choose a sliding door without a lower rail design, which is also conducive to cleanliness.

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4. Accessories selection

The use of sliding doors mainly depends on the upper and lower pulleys, handles, buffers and other accessories. The OPEC pulleys configured by Sineman doors and windows ensure that the sliding is smooth and noise-free. It also has the advantages of wear resistance and long service life, which can reduce parts replacement The frequency; the handle can be installed or not, it is more convenient to install the switch, and some people think that the installation of the handle will hinder the place, so this depends on the owner's hobbies and habits.

Installing a buffer can solve the knocking sound of the door leaf closing. The door leaf will automatically buffer when it is about to reach the frame, and then automatically close slowly without rebounding; it can prevent the noise caused by the rapid closing of the sliding door and prevent the rapid closing of the sliding door. The frame is strongly impacted or pinched.

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1. Glass pattern

The shape of the sliding door is relatively rich and beautiful. Simple can be made into grids, inlays, ice flowers, center pillars, magnetic control shutters, etc. For specific details, please refer to the model effect of the store.

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2. Broken bridge aluminum alloy

Although wood, plastic steel and other materials can be selected for the sliding door, from the perspective of aesthetics and durability, the broken bridge aluminum alloy is the best and the most widely used profile. The area of the balcony door is generally relatively large, and the thermal insulation effect of the balcony door is also related to the power consumption of air conditioning in daily life. Therefore, it is recommended that you use aluminum doors and windows with broken bridges under a sufficient budget.

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3. Installation details

When installing the sliding door, check whether the joint angle of the sliding door is flat, whether the material is deformed, whether the opening direction and the lock direction are installed incorrectly, whether the glass style matches, whether the tops and sealing strips are complete, if Questions should be communicated and negotiated on the spot.

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The discussion about how to choose the sliding door is here, I hope it can help you!

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