How to choose wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-25
When choosing to install the door, many families are willing to take the wooden door as their first choice, mainly because the wooden door has the characteristics of exquisite workmanship, wide variety, safety, environmental protection, practicality and durability. Everyone wants to buy timeless wooden doors. No matter how long they are used, they all seem to be timeless and keep up with the trend. So what kind of doors can they choose? White Series wooden door white is a versatile color. The White mixed oil paint door produced by Runcheng is a popular wooden door every summer. The decoration is based on the white mixed oil paint door, it will make the whole room clean and bright, refreshing and comfortable, and the pure white home style can always give people a feeling of love. White wooden doors are popular styles every year. White wooden doors are suitable for home styles. Modern fashion, simple European style, Korean style, pastoral style and so on can all use white wooden doors. Wood color wooden door wood color has always been a popular color, wood color wooden door has a lot of sales every year, every year is favored by many customers, there may be some color wooden doors this year is more popular, but the next year will not work. If the customer still buys it, it will be very old-fashioned and outdated. However, there is no such phenomenon in log-colored wooden doors. Log colors can be bought every year and are not outdated at all. This is mainly because the wood color maintains the natural texture of the wood, which is naturally noble and has affinity. It matches many decorative styles. And give people a kind of nature, there is a feeling of returning to the original. The third type: red paint door Chinese red paint solid wood door is the wooden door style chosen by many young people when they get married. Red is a very auspicious color and a rich and expensive color. Since ancient times, festivals, weddings and weddings, from the lanterns, clothing, decoration, all use the red color to reflect the richness of the wedding, which symbolizes auspicious red, it also conveys a long-lasting festive atmosphere. Therefore, it is a Chinese habit to choose Chinese red painted wooden doors for marriage. It can also be said to be a tradition and a plot. This customary tradition will remain in the future. With the development of the times, the change of interior design style and people's aesthetic standards, the style of wooden doors must also change accordingly, but no matter how it does not change, Runcheng wooden door factory teaches everyone how to distinguish the original wooden doors. The choice of interior doors should be in harmony with the style of the living room.
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