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How to Clean Exterior Wooden Doors

How to Clean Exterior Wooden Doors


Are you planning to install an exterior wooden door? Are you a bit confused about the durability and maintenance or cleaning requirements? Classic wood doors have become one of the most favorite choices due to many benefits. You will love the feel and appealing look. Wooden doors are designed to transform the look of any commercial and residential properties. 

People normally believe that they will have to take extra caution to maintain and clean an exterior wooden door. However, you can retain the new and original look with minimal care. You just need to understand the material for the proper maintenance. In this article, we will help you with proper classic wood doors maintenance tips. At the same time, we will answer a curious mind by educating you more about exterior wooden doors.

Why Should You Install Classic Wood Doors?

An exterior wooden door is popular for its classic and sophisticated look. No other material can replace the wood when it comes to the look. These are excellent and can be perfect for the insulation. Another benefit is easy maintenance. You can simply dust your wooden doors regularly and then use mild dish soap to get rid of the stains. Yes, if the door is old, you can think of re-staining to get back the refreshing look. Here are some key benefits of the classic wood doors that you can go through to make the right decision. 

Aesthetically Appealing Look

The key benefit of an exterior wooden door is an inviting and warm appearance. Some woods such as walnut, cherry, red oak, white oak, Sapele, and black okoume are used for high-end exterior doors to get a sophisticated look. These options can be considered to transform the look of your home exterior.

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Wood has been used for more than thousands of years for classic doors. Solid woods are considered long-lasting and incredibly durable. Also, some types of woods can withstand harsh weather conditions. All you need to do is to invest in a high-quality exterior wooden door to last for several decades with a little maintenance. You do not need to invest much in maintenance. However, regular maintenance is the key to durability. 


Wood is the best material to work compared to other materials. You can give it any design depending on your project needs and preferences. Wood is considered the best to make a custom door. Also, it can be easily painted and stained to complement other decors of your home exterior. There are different types of wood materials that you can consider depending on your budget. 


Contrary to popular belief, wood does not demand much maintenance. If you buy an excellent quality material, it will not be susceptible to marks and dents and that will offer a durable result and will retain the original look and freshness for a long as well. You can repair an exterior wooden door whenever required. 

These are some benefits of classic wood doors. These are best in terms of durability, customization, and appealing appearance. But you will have to follow some basic maintenance and cleaning tips to get the best outcome.

How to Clean Classic Wood Doors 

Cleaning will not demand much effort. You can get rid of the dirt and grime simply wiping your exterior wooden doors. You can also use some cleaning products specially designed to clean wood doors. Needless to mention, first follow the cleaning instructions of the manufacturer and then only plan your cleaning accordingly. The type of wood material will also have a role to decide the cleaning process. Here are some basics that you can use to clean your exterior wooden door. 

Get the Right Supplies 

First, you will need the right supplies. For this, you will have to consider the type of the door and the amount of the grime and dirt. Know the door material and then choose the solution accordingly. Also, you will need a few cleaning devices. You might need a vacuum, hose, brush attachment, soft rags or paper towels, step-ladder, broom, and paintbrush for the cleaning.

Prepare Your Door

Once you have all the cleaning supplies, the next is to prepare your exterior wooden door for the cleaning. Before starting serious cleaning, get rid of all the accumulated dirt and dust. You can use the brush attachment on the vacuum cleaner to clean all the possible areas. After using a vacuum, you can use paper towels or rags to clean all those areas that vacuum cleaner could not reach. Now dust your entire classic wood door’s frame from top to bottom. Inspect your door thoroughly to find out any damage or stains. Consider using the paintbrush to find and get into cracks. Now, you can sweep your door inside and out. 

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Clean the Grime 

Use a rag or soft sponge with the cleaner to clean the grime. You will have to use the cleaner to clean the entire exterior wooden door from the top to bottom and the door frame. You will have to clean gently and avoid scrubbing. If you scrub too hard, it can affect the paint and finish of your classic wood doors. Once cleaning is done, you can use the soft rag to soak any left-over cleaner. While cleaning, you will have to carefully watch for drips as drips can cause stains on your wooden exterior door. 

Now you can clean locks, doorknobs, and metal fixtures. Here again, avoid using abusive cleaners and do not scrub too hard. After cleaning classic wood doors, you can use furniture polish to get a new look. Also, consider oiling hinges and locks to offer a smooth feel and new look to your door. 

Follow the above simple tips to maintain and clean your classic wood doors. The entire process will not take more than a couple of hours. However, you will love the result. Your exterior wooden doors will look new and that will influence the overlook and feel of your home exterior. Also, you will enjoy your wooden exterior door while entering or leaving your home.

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