How to detect whether the wooden door is suitable for installation?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-04
Many families have installed wooden doors during Decoration. It seems that there is no problem, but there are problems when they are used. There are always problems of one kind or another. What is the reason? How to check whether the wooden door is properly installed when installing? How to install it is more appropriate? The following Guangdong wooden door manufacturers will introduce several methods to check whether the wooden door installation is reasonable. First, the door cover dumb device View 1, the door cover plate raw materials, to avoid the pure density board supplied by the manufacturers on the market, long-term use of the door may show a skewed sinking phenomenon. Fixing of the cover plate: the three sides of the cover plate are fixed by screws, and the cover plate and the wall of the hole are fixed by foam, without using nails. 2. The connection between the horizontal frame and the vertical frame of the door cover the connection between the horizontal frame and the vertical frame of the door cover should reach the standard of tight, flat and dislocation; The Mullion and the horizontal frame are connected into an angle of 90 degrees, and the open space between the sleeve and the wall can be fixed by a wooden wedge. Adjustment between the deck and the Wall: The line hammer can be used to further adjust the straightness between the deck and the wall and the ground. It is necessary to ensure that the horizontal plate and the vertical plate are separated from the wall and the ground. 3. Fix the cover plate after the cover plate is adjusted straight, it should be fixed by using the foam and the brace, so that the cover plate can be fully bonded with the hole and become stronger. The brace will not be taken until 30 minutes later. Second, the view after the door leaf is fixed 1. The wood block we are talking about now refers to the piece at the bottom of the wooden door, which plays a maintenance role. It can prevent the paint of the wooden door from being rubbed off during the transfer and placement process, and can be removed when the door leaf is installed. 2. Pay attention to monitoring the depth of slotting, which should be shared with the thickness of a single hinge. After the door is installed, the hinges at both ends should be the same as those at the door and the door cover. In addition, it should be noted that the screws are not skewed. If the screws are skewed, or the problem of kneading each other between the hinges after the door is closed, it will affect the service life of the hinges. 3. The standard at both ends of the hinge is that one side of the door can be directly filled with screws and completely fixed. On the side of the door cover, two screws can be applied first, and the remaining two screws can be added later to prevent a slight error in the hinge orientation and facilitate conditioning. 4. After the hinge device is good and the door leaf is fixed, pay attention to check the gap between the door leaf and the upper frame, side frame and the ground. If the gap is too large or too small, the hinge needs to be adjusted again. The above is the method of how to check whether the wooden door is properly installed and how to install it. The wooden door must be inspected in time after installation, I hope the above methods can help my friends who are decorating.
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