How to distinguish between wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-24

mixed wood door market, there are many serious defects, poorly made, wooden door of the inferior quality goods in the market, today paint manufacturer to tell you how to recognize wooden door and door? Material trap

when consumer is buying wooden door, wondering when wooden door appearance style look and there was no significant difference, but why the price is far?

in fact on the wooden door production materials have very big distinction, some manufacturers in furniture production have many corners, the trap of bait-and-switch, need to carefully distinguish to see through. Use inferior base material

use without drying and the base material of eat by moth, such furniture of moisture content on the high side, easy to cause deformation or cracking after furniture products. With decayed or bug eat by moth after furniture made of wood, can appear serious furniture to collapse.

substrate mixed assembly

as a result of man-made board furniture is much used in base material of veneers adornment method, so while in all parts of furniture, cabinet put oneself in another's position appearance consistent, but the furniture part of the base material is to be touched, hands and feet. Such as some furniture cabinet put oneself in another's predecessor and cupboard door is used to meet the requirements of environmental protection and quality melamine plate, and in the cabinet put oneself in another's back is formaldehyde release a quantity more big core board.

internal production cut corners

as a result of plate type wooden door to use man-made board are all made of adhesive bonding, is sensitive to water, so the waterproof properties of a face and sealing side of plank treatment must be put through to be guaranteed. And some manufacturers in order to save costs, internal furniture plate and plate junction is not sealing side, on the one hand, the furniture in the fracture water, the formaldehyde also cannot be fully cut off materials at the same time, and cause heavy furniture formaldehyde taste. '

hardware replaced

replace cheap hardware and cut corners in the furniture installation. For example, wardrobe, counter in the posterior lens plate, layering, only with nails. This course of corners, and easily to counter the broken mirror.

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