How to distinguish whether the carved wood door is good or bad?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-03

Guangdong wooden door analysis how to distinguish the quality of solid wooden door carving?

for this problem, we should start from these angles: first, the texture of solid wooden doors, the natural texture of wooden doors is the guarantee of high-quality products, natural texture is formed by natural growth, so no place is the same, while artificial wood skin is made by imitation, and the same texture appears in many places.

2. Spot binding is also a method to distinguish natural wood, joint spot is a kind of natural, irregular and different physiological characteristics in the process of wood growth, and artificial paper skin cannot achieve such an effect. Third, color, in the process of wood growth, due to the difference in yin and yang sides, the texture is different, even in different positions of the same piece of wood, different wood skin colors will be dug out, but the artificial wood skin is not good, even if there is color difference, it is quite unnatural color difference. Four, hardware, here contains the wooden door hinge, door frame and other hardware, just say hinge, good hinge can show us good transmission and corrosion resistance, it will not be damaged by the dead weight of the door, while the inferior hinge is easily damaged. Five, the production process, this is an important factor that directly affects the service life of wooden doors, but also an important factor that affects their sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation and other performance. Inferior wooden doors are easy to deform and crack after a period of use, which is very bad for users.
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