how to evict raccoons safely and humanely

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-23
Whether you call them raccoon, raccoon or raccoon, these wild animals usually live in the woods far away from humans.
They are also considered nocturnal animals for food;
The trash can is their favorite source of food.
These guys look cute with black bandit masks and thick tails, but they are evil when they go nowhere, so don\'t try to pick them up.
Due to the increasing range of human aggression, wildlife habitats now share the same space.
It was a friendly presence before the wildlife wanted our residence.
Recently I entered my garage and bought some tools for my garden.
There was a slight noise in the attic of the garage, so I climbed the ladder to investigate.
Every time I stare at the darkness, the sand stops.
The loft is an open space floor with no walls, using a temporary ladder, which we use to store the remaining planks, vinyl siding and a bag of plastic foam peanuts for transportation.
I was going to get rid of all those peanut bags earlier this year, but my mother insisted she needed them.
In fact, she hasn\'t used it for years, so she\'s considered a bag --rat of sorts.
I walked into the garage a few days later and definitely heard some deep creaking.
Oh, no, it sounds like a little animal. âx80x9d I thought.
Slowly climb up the steps of the attic and the squeaking sound stopped.
Then I waited and began to hear some movement and the lovely little eyes appeared in the dark shadow of the corner. It\'s raccoons!
There\'s a big mom staring straight at me!
I dropped quickly, grabbed the iron rake and started yelling and hitting the bottom of the attic floor. âx80x9cGet out!
Shout out.
Out of my garage!
I was wondering if any of the neighbors heard me yelling at people I couldn\'t see.
I continued to make a loud noise and chased them out frantically.
The GarageOur garage was opened from the heavy wooden doors of the 1940 s.
Very strong structure, wood plank siding, Wood double layer
Hanging windows and an attached shed with doors and windows.
The weight of the double garage door caused a slight drooping, with a small opening on the top of one of the doors.
After checking the other openings, I noticed that the rear window of the attached cottage was broken and looked large enough for a raccoon to enter.
In the early spring, wildlife usually look for delivery locations in dark and dry places.
There was a bag of soft foam plastic peanuts in the attic upstairs, so the raccoon mom chose her location very well.
The plan to realize that I couldn\'t pick them up in person and take them out of the attic started an action plan.
No one should be close to a mature raccoon, especially a newborn baby.
Calling several government departments several times in the hope that someone would come out and remove them turned out to be futile.
I thought Animal Control was the right start, and I quickly found out that this applies to cats and dogs in my town.
The next step is to look for private companies and individuals to leave.
The expert claimed that it would take two weeks to wait for the small animals to climb into the cage after the bait.
After that time period, prices will rise.
Their offer was ridiculously high for $600. 00 to $800.
This is beyond my budget.
Since I couldn\'t afford to find someone to move out, I started thinking about doing the job myself.
I didn\'t want to kill them or cause more stress, I found some cages and planned to catch them myself.
How hard is it to do the work?
The local wooded park is a short drive, so I think they will be happier if they are located in a more natural setting.
For the next two nights, I was full of nightmares about what might go wrong with this mission, so I gave up the idea and looked at how others had removed the raccoon.
My research found an effective way to get rid of the raccoon: playing music loudly (heavy metal)
A terrible insect repellent was found in the housewares store on the floor, and wallsI took 4 days to use these steps.
Then my brother came over and slammed the floor hard and a few babies fell out.
Mom took them back soon, so we returned.
The result of our constant noise was that one night, the bright lights were on, yelling, banging the floor and the horrible animal insect repellent did drive the raccoon away.
When I ventured into the garage a few days later to listen, I found out that they had vacated the house.
I heard nothing and slowly climbed the ladder to the attic, very careful and not ambushed by the Big Mom.
I got onto the floor on the top floor and still didn\'t hear anything.
I summoned up my courage and gently walked to the end of the attic, making a pleasant cry;
They left, so did the raccoon!
I laughed and jumped like a stupid school girl. âx80x9cWe did it;
We made their lives miserable and drove them out.
What I want to stress is that in this episode, no animals are hurt when we try to convince the animals to leave.
Let\'s wait for the baby to move first, and wait for the weather to be warmer.
My method of successfully driving a raccoon may be valid or ineffective for a raccoon in a loft, crawl space, or other small enclosed space.
I know that making them as uncomfortable as possible is essential to convince them to find another home.
Racoons and other small wildlife will take advantage of the opportunity of opening up for your warm home during the winter season.
Homeowners must try to find and fix any potential entry points.
The attic vents must be closed, the vents and windows in the basement or crawl space must be closed, and the top of the chimney must be closed.
We made a mistake, did not repair the broken window glass in the shed, and the animal broke it in order to enter.
I hope you will succeed in dealing with unwanted wildlife in the future.
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