How to get rid of the ecological smell of paint the door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-28

ecological door effectively avoids the ordinary real wood door easy to distort, easy cracking and other defects, characterized by the good ecological, moisture-proof, sound insulation effect, the wooden door manufacturer to share how to get rid of ecological smell of paint the door?

1, swab with water to remove odor. For indoor wooden door get rid of the smell of paint, also can adopt the method of water scrubbing, will have the smell of paint wooden door swab with water several times, will also remove the smell of paint wooden door is one of the good way, this way the harmful material also have certain effect to formaldehyde.

2, use the skin to remove the smell of paint. Put some fruit in the room, buy some pineapple, cut plate, put a two sets each room, so the paint smell in the room will soon be absorbed. Pineapple is crude fiber class fruit, can absorb the smell of paint, and can send out a faint scent flavor, speed up the remove peculiar smell, and spend less, is a good way to three all its beauty. In addition, beside the wooden door put the article such as orange peel, lemon peel can also remove the smell of paint, wooden door, however, will not as fast as pineapple. Visible fresh fruit is not only delicious cool taste, the skin also can have the effect of absorb the smell of paint.

3, use remove detergent to remove. In the household building materials market have special paint remove odor detergent, high-tech products to go to the door after leaving the smell of paint, of course, is the mistresses.

4, quickly with activated carbon to remove odor. Activated carbon fast in addition to flavor is a kind of method, at present is a science as toxic, can quickly remove the smell of paint wooden door, but with the development of the society, now there are activated carbon on the market has a lot of, its not all will have the gas adsorption ability of activated carbon, so consumer is when the choose and buy must pay attention to, lest be deceived.

5, using plants to remove the smell of paint. A few flowers and plants is put in the house in the home, such as cacti, bracketplant, cycas, Chinese rose, African chrysanthemum, ivy, chrysanthemum, and so on has the effect of formaldehyde, to a certain degree to remove the smell of paint in the room. While eliminate the flowers and plants of xylene cycas, chrysanthemum, ivy. Green plants not only economical, but also has the role of beautification household environment! !

6, remove the smell of paint in brine. Remove the wood furniture paint fumes in brine is one of the most common and simple a way, in addition to taste will be two or three basin brine is placed beside the wooden door, paint smell will soon be eliminate.

7, use vinegar to remove the smell of paint. Container with some such as POTS and pans filled with cold water, then add the right amount of vinegar in the ventilation room, and opened the wooden door, so you can attract indoor harmful substances, eliminate residual odor.

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