How to identify the quality of wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-24

a lot of consumer are buying wooden door, do not know how to choose, solid wood composite door manufacturer of the lacquer that bake to you today about how to distinguish the quality of wooden door?

1。 Look from the crack: grain longitudinal crack and crack can be divided into two. Longitudinal crack penetrates the wood texture, and will gradually extend; Ring crack between productive in wood texture, generally do not stretch.

2。 Look from the bug that bug eat by moth left out there. After artificial drying of wood, moth was dead, bug eat by moth no more development, but the existence of the bug will affect the whole wooden door beautiful effect.

3。 From the point of view of texture, good wood texture is a rule, such as texture is desultorily or filament level of wooden door is low.

4。 Look from the transparent glue, glue penetration refers to the veneer after hot-pressing glue, adhesive seeping from the pore of veneer outside its surface to form a glue spots, its bad influence mainly is to make the workpiece surface spots may be produced after paint.

5。 Look from bubble: bubble is veneer in agglutination ballooning and bubbles, after the repair process of its trouble, greatly affected the production efficiency.

6。 Look from cracking, cracking refers to the veneer after pasting, surface is greater than zero. 3 mm gap, it often appear in the veneer or deformation is joining together, it is also a veneer paste one of the most common defects in process.

that is solid wood composite painting door manufacturer way to identify the quality of wooden door to share, I hope it can help you.

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