How to identify the quality of wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-03-02
The door is a barrier to family safety and is also the first thing to see when entering a house. So many people in the selection of wooden doors are not only required to be beautiful, but also require good quality. However, wooden doors are similar in style and material, and it is difficult to judge the quality by appearance alone. How can we identify the quality of wooden doors? The following Guangdong wooden door manufacturers will introduce several methods to you. Method 1. When choosing a solid wood door, you can watch the thickness of the door, and you can also tap the facade with your hand. If the sound is even and dull, it means that the quality of the door is better. Weight: The higher the proportion of solid wood in general wooden doors, the heavier the door will be. If it is a pure solid wood door, the surface pattern is very irregular. At first glance, the surface of the door is smooth, neat and beautiful, often not a real solid wooden door. Method 2. As the post-processing technology of the wooden door factory, its advantages and disadvantages directly affect the post-use effect. At the same time, paint cost is also one of the major parts of wooden door cost. Method 3. The types of paints are roughly divided into phenolic paint, alkyd paint, polyurethane paint, Nitro paint, polyester paint and Pu paint. Among them, due to the poor texture and adhesion of the paint film, The phenolic paint and the alkyd paint are basically eliminated in the decoration. A large number of them are Nitro paint, polyester paint and Pu paint used on high-grade furniture. Due to the simple construction and suitable for manual operation, Nitro paint is used by most manual decorative wood, but its paint film is thin, feel is not good, and the effect is not ideal. Method 4. Due to the problem of cost processing means and equipment, 90% of the wooden doors in the market use polyester paint and a few manufacturers use Pu paint. Generally speaking, polyester paint and Pu paint have to go through six processes, such as color finding, three bottoms and two surfaces, and some brands have increased curing and wax application processes. Therefore, when choosing wooden doors, paint is one of the factors that must be considered. It directly affects the texture, hand feeling, moisture resistance, environmental protection, durability, yellowing resistance and other issues. The above is Runcheng's method of identifying the quality of wooden doors. When selecting wooden doors, don't just pay attention to the outside. The quality of wooden doors is about your family safety, therefore, when selecting wooden doors, we must carefully select them to ensure the purchase of high-quality wooden doors.
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