How to keep beautiful solid wood composite painting door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-08-15

the use of wooden door after a long time, how many are affected, waxing is a good protection for wooden door, wooden door manufacturer to share below wax solid wood composite door of the lacquer that bake techniques:

1, choose good weather wax

rainy days humidity, wax produces the phenomenon of gonorrhea. When the room temperature below 5 degrees, wood wax can harden. Do not use before waxing dishcloth containing chemicals wood, this will lead to wood wax poor adhesion.

2, clear wood surface using a vacuum cleaner to remove rubbish and dust on the surface of the wooden door. The neutral detergent to wipe after using dilute the stain on wooden door. Clear of hard water stains is satisfied to wipe. In order to prevent the detergent product out of the groove, the dishcloth to soak the detergent as far as possible dry. Wood wax remover can lead to produce wooden door mark stains and ballooning, must not use.

3, use dry cloth to wipe the

use dry cloth to wipe. Wood surface, especially the groove part, carefully wipe, don't residual detergents. Such as detergent and residual moisture, can cause surface efflorescence, ballooning.

4, fully dry

wooden door and grooves of the surface of the water completely dry to rear can wax. Not been fully dry, wood wax will not closely adhere to the surface of wooden door, affect beautiful, will produce white phenomenon.

5, waxing method before waxing, shaking containers of wood wax, and fully mix, such as in the first corner is not marked place for local test, validate and correct. In order to prevent wall play crural line and furniture, wooden door la pollution to use adhesive tape paper on these areas to cover. With clean dishcloth dip dip in fully preserved wooden door, don't drop as appropriate.

not to la directly fall on the wooden door, wooden door or mark stains and circle mark is produced. In the direction of the wood wood door carefully daub, not leak or uneven. Daub the amount too little will result in uneven shades, blotted out too much and made bad film. To keep its thickness uniform is the key to the wax. Not diluted wood wax. Polishing tool can use special wax mop, easy operation, the effect is ideal.

6, the drying time control wood wax dry before, do not touch wood drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour. If there is any leakage coating, and to be touched up. If use two times, second daub waxing way, want to undertake after the first completely dry. Once every six months or so to play la, can keep the beautiful wooden door for a long time.

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