How to know the custom wood door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-25

many custom wooden door for installation, environmental protection and beautiful, not only in style can get more recognition, the wooden door manufacturer to tell you about how to meet custom wood door?

1, cognition of solid wood door

solid wood door is made of natural lumber wooden door, wooden door surface usually can see the grain of wood. Currently on the market of solid wood door roughly two kinds, one kind is pure solid wood furniture, wooden doors of all material is real wood, do not use any other man-made board. Another kind is imitation solid wood door, look from the appearance of the natural grain of lumber, handle and colour and lustre and solid wood custom wood door one module and one sample, but is actually a solid wood and man-made board made of wood.

2, real wood custom wood door environmental protection and durable

related to environmental protection: the wooden door can environmental protection, do not according to the plate. Because wooden door component in addition to the board, glue and paint also occupies certain proportion, so they are good or bad has a direct impact on the environmental protection index of wooden door. But objectively, the share of real wood, paint and glue are relatively less, environmental protection index is high. In addition, the material of natural wood mild, after exposure to the human body, most will be more using the lubrication, the more sweet. Log natural color also very gentle, look for a long time will not constitute a visual fatigue, but will feel warm and cordial.

about durable: due to natural wood of liberal arts in the same direction, so the assumption is made of a block of wood, wooden door is very easy to deformation and cracking. Considering this, more high-grade solid wood door, will make a series of log processing. For example, put a few months the logs first let it dry naturally, then, according to a piece of a piece of plate into the wind GanYao dry, about 5 to 20 days, such as wood of the moisture content is below 10%, and after a series of synthesis, puzzle, machining, grinding, painting, etc, it is in good condition of the manufacturing process.

3, the overall solid wood door custom three see two touch a press

when buy must also be 'three see a touch of the two pressure'. Three of them is a look at material, two components, namely see if wood mechanical parts installed properly, use the clear; The joint of the wood components for screw fastening; All kinds of accessories whether the installation is complete. 3 the origin.

and touch touch surface, groping stage. The polished surface is smooth, look at whether there is the projection can be torn clothes; Stand feet part whether is coarse, wait to see whether the Angle of the pigment coating too thick.

a pressure are all stress points of light pressure of wooden door test whether firm. There cannot be vanity false firm pressure surface of wooden door, panel flutter.

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