How to know the wooden door did not sound insulation?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-26

if the door and the wall between the expansion of glue quality is bad, will affect the sound insulation effect of wooden door, wooden door below manufacturers give you talk about how to love know wooden door doesn't sound insulation?

1, check the weight of the wooden door, from the perspective of physics, the sound insulation of the formula and the material is directly related to the density, so the density of sound insulation are relatively good, moulded door relatively light, that is the root of moulded door sound insulation is not good.

2, see the thickness of the wood surface plate, as we all know, the thickness of an object is also can affect the transmission of voice, as a result, the thicker the layer board sound insulation effect is better. Layer thickness and roughness is the better, but the cost will be increased.

3, watching the roughness of wooden door, because it's related to each other between the wooden door and door cover, wooden door is flat, with the combination of the door, the better, but whatever structure. As long as the deformation of the wooden door sound insulation must not, air leakage.

that's wooden door manufacturer whether to share wooden door sound judgment method, hope to help everyone.

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