How to maintain solid wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-23
Solid wood door maintenance skills solid wood door maintenance skills in the current decoration, often choose solid wood door as the first choice of interior doors, solid wood door material stability, decoration effect, solid wood door texture will add a lot of color to our home, solid wood doors inherit the properties of natural wood, so they are more prone to cracking and Deformation. Secondly, if there are stains and scratches during the use of solid wood doors, it will also affect the use of solid wood doors. If it is light, it will affect the appearance. If it is heavy, it will affect the quality of the products. Today, as one of the top ten brands of wooden doors, Runcheng wooden door will explain to you how to maintain and maintain customized wooden doors. It should be noted that the choice of cleaning cloth is very important for the cleaning of solid wood doors. When cleaning solid wood doors, you must choose soft, clean cotton cloth. Do not use stains in cleaning, prevent repeated stains and cross-contamination during use. Before cleaning the solid wood door, soak the soft cloth in the tea water, and then wipe the solid wood door. After repeated several times, the surface of the solid wood door will be as bright as new. This is because tea water contains quite a lot of tea polyphenols, which can play a very good antioxidant role and can achieve redox effect. Solid wood doors in the home are prone to dim surface and no light when used for a period of time. Many users will wipe them with wet cloth. In fact, this method is wrong. Cleaning is only a clean surface. Finally, Runcheng wooden door reminds everyone that if there are small scratches in daily life, they can be repaired with toothpaste and applied to the scratched surface, when the surface is dry, use a damp cloth to clean it accordingly, which is simple and smooth, but if the scratches are obvious, it is best to ask professional after-sales personnel for maintenance and maintenance. If you want to know more about the problem, please come to consult.
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