How to maintain wooden door

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-14

in modern adornment more and more people will choose wood door, but there are a lot of people don't know how to maintain the installation. So what is the wood door maintenance the key? Wood door manufacturer to detailed introduce for everybody below

1, open or closed doors, don't too hard or opening Angle is too big, lest cause damage.

2. Don't hang on the door leaf is overweight items to avoid sharp objects knock against, scratches.

3, don't contact with high temperature object, the damage is avoided.

4, any wet cloth cannot long placed in the surface of wooden door, otherwise it will infringe on side surface, the surface color change, aging or peel.

5, cannot use hard cloth wood surface stains, use soft cloth to wipe, can use neuter cleaner, toothpaste or furniture special cleaner, dry detergents immediately after.

6, don't pay attention to the edges of wooden door place too much friction, otherwise it will cause angular paint falls off.

7, to keep the bright colour and lustre of wooden door, should maintain regular use furniture wax for its maintenance.

8, when clear the dust on the wooden products, inconvenience when using soft continous cloth wipe, can use a vacuum cleaner to remove.

9, when using electric heater or other heating during the winter, to stay away from the wooden products, so as to avoid heat distortion and surface damage.

10, because wood has wet, wet bilge, the characteristics of the differences in temperature and humidity conditions, such as cracking or contraction of mild this is normal natural phenomenon, along with seasonal changes, this kind of phenomenon will disappear naturally.

11 often activity, hinges, locks accessories, loose occurs, should timely tightened, hinge location sound filling in time, when the lock open is not flexible, can add pencil lead foam into the keyhole, not casually into lubricating oil

maintenance wood door can not be ignored when the details and daily maintenance work will affect the appearance of the real wood door. So the real wood door maintenance points must grasp well. Above is the wood door manufacturer to introduce the wooden door maintenance knowledge, hope to be of help.

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