How to maintain wooden doors?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-13
The maintenance of wooden doors is not so simple. Don't worry, I don't know where to start. The temperature changes and air humidity changes of wooden doors with the alternation of seasons will be affected, so let's discuss it together today! After the wooden door is installed, the door must be installed first. Because the daily opening and closing of the wooden door, the wooden door will hit the wall if it is too hard, and it will easily cause the paint to fall off. After the door is installed, it can buffer the strength of the wooden door hitting the wall, which protects the wooden door very well, at the same time, the door suction fixes the wooden door and does not cause noise to swing back and forth. If the wooden door is still being decorated after it is installed, the protection of the wooden door is very important because there is more dust in the decoration process. In order to protect the hinge of the wooden door, to reduce the half-open and half-closed state of the wooden door, all the doors need to be opened and fastened to the door for ventilation, or directly closed. Half-open and half-closed will increase the pressure of the hinge, if the wooden door itself is too heavy, it will loosen or even deform. If a strong wind suddenly collides with the wall, it will cause great damage to the wooden door. If the sliding door is installed in the home, it is also necessary to keep the pulley smooth. To keep the slide groove free of debris, clean it regularly. Usually, it is necessary to add lubricating oil to the sliding part of the pulley for half a year to avoid unsmooth opening and closing, derailment. At the same time, the different maintenance of the season is also different. The temperature and humidity are better in spring. It is OK to do daily maintenance. The summer temperature is higher, the thunderstorm weather is more, so the air humidity is relatively high, to do a good job of moisture-proof, the weather is relatively dry in autumn. To do a good job of dust-proof and dryness-proof, you can not use a wet towel to wipe the wooden door. You need to use a professional wooden door cleaning agent. The temperature in winter is relatively low, and the frequency of air conditioning used by many users increases. At this time, care should be taken not to face the wooden door, otherwise there will be deformation and other problems. The maintenance of wooden doors mainly includes: 1. Avoid direct sunlight and fade and deform wooden doors. 2. Strengthen indoor humidity and avoid cracks in wooden doors. 3, to avoid the wooden door is too wet, pay attention to ventilation. 4, frequent cleaning and dust removal, to avoid long-term accumulation of dust to make the wooden door lose luster.
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