How to make real wood to use longer?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-29

real wood door used more widely in life, a lot of people like real wood door to the home decoration, the wooden door manufacturer to tell you about how to make real wood to use longer?

one, when we have stain on hair real wood door, the first to use a soft cloth to remove dirt and stains, is afraid of being rowed because real wood door, if you don't use soft cloth may cause secondary damage to real wood door. If besmirch is too serious, can use furniture special cleaner, or a neutral detergent toothpaste, after purify besmirch wipe up. It is important to note that is never real wood door, wash with water.

2, don't let water have too much time to stay in real wood door, also don't let the noise of corrosive substances come into contact with the real wood door, it will infringe on the surface of the solid wooden door, causing discoloration or escape. Recommended reading: how to choose to install the real wood door already practical beautiful?

3, pay attention to the protection of the real wood door, don't let something hard and real wood door friction, it is likely to be real wood peeling paint and other damage.

4, when not flexible hinge or door lock, can't literally filling. Other parts loose to tighten in a timely manner.

the above is to share the real wood door manufacturer of wooden door to use longer method, hope to be of help, to learn more relevant content, can call hotline to come to consult, this website for reprint please indicate the source.

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