How to make the moisture of wooden door maintenance?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-28

air humidity is large and it often rains, wooden furniture is very vulnerable to moisture, wooden door manufacturer for everyone today about how to make the moisture of wooden door maintenance?

1, keep the wooden door inside dry

it is important to keep the real wood door inside surface is dry, don't let water vapor infiltration into the internal structure of real wood door, so to the damage of wooden door is very big. Who want seasonable erase a water droplets on the surface of the solid wooden door, keep dry on the surface of the solid wooden door.

in the removal of solid wooden door surface stains, if you need to use the liquid to wipe, should try to use water or neutral nursing liquid cleaning, just can wipe with a soft cloth with a little liquid, otherwise the immersion corrosion surface veneer material surface of real wood veneer color or splitting, will effect the beauty of the product.

2. Do not wash with soap and water, detergent, or water, such as the dongguan real wood door

don't wash with soap and water, detergent, or water, solid wood door, or tried hard to clean, it will damage the surface of the solid wooden door, if there is water seepage in early because the plate additive has not been finished completely volatilize, not moldy, but once additive volatilization, wet cloth moisture will cause real wood door mold.

moisture absorption can also use the following method:

1, air conditioning wetted: in space is not particularly big room, shut the doors and Windows, its effect was more obvious wetted, air conditioning is the premise of wetted refrigeration temperature must be lower than at room temperature.

2, intermittent ventilation: is the best time in the afternoon, rainy day in south and southeast direction of the doors and Windows closed, in order to reduce water vapor into the interior. At noon, the outside air humidity is high, unfavorable open a window, should be in the afternoon or evening, relatively dry climate, open a window to adjust indoor air.

3, lime moisture absorption: rainy day available fabric or sack up quick lime placed in the interior, make indoor air is dry.

4, hygroscopic box: more common hygroscopic products on the market, generally by calcium chloride particles as the main contents, most also added essence ingredients, so set dehumidifier, aromatic, anti-mildew, deodorant, and other functions in one body.

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