How to prevent solid wood composite door crack of the lacquer that bake?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-22

as the change of season, some solid wood composite door will appear crack deformation of the lacquer that bake, wooden door factory today to teach everyone how to prevent craze of real wood compound door of the lacquer that bake? Remove dust regularly


winter in dry room, also can produce dust, must use a feather duster before wiping wiped the dust on the surface of the wood real wood door, and then with a soft cloth along the grain to wipe, at the time of wiping the best on the cloth with cleaner is wiped, this will avoid chafed wood real wood surface.

2, avoid corrosion and corrosive liquid contact must be avoided, such as alcohol, disinfectant, clean lavatory spirit and other corrosive liquid, if after must have on time to wipe clean, otherwise it will cause wood real wood surface corrosion, serious can cause cracks. Three, real wood door cracking phenomenon

1. As this craze, because of insufficient place cloth glue or glue quality is poor; Roughness is less than 81%; Connect the two parts of relative humidity is more than 2% or the humidity is more than 13% of real wood, rail and vertical profile or with door core board thru craze. 2. Did not dry before the board itself craze, wood processing, the heart of plate pieces moisture content is exorbitant, the surface is dry, the influence of environment temperature and humidity, moisture to evaporate, so cause craze. Four, craze after timely treatment

in any season if found after wood real wood craze, be sure to find a factory in the first place or a professional master wood real wood door maintenance repair, if not timely repair, can cause wood real wood door crack is more and more serious, finally also will be more and more complicated to repair. Five, wax regularly,

wax regularly is also a way to prevent the cracking of wood real wood door, usually in 6 - 10 months on a layer of special wax wood real wood door, but before waxing must clear the stain on the surface of the wood real wood door clean, usable cotton cloth to wipe, with warm water and then use clean cloth again, stay clean wood real wood door after playing on a layer of special wax wood real wood door. Six,

note humidity change humidity change is also an important factor of wood real wood craze, especially in the cold winter, the humidity becomes low, wood real wood door is very easy to crack, so we must pay attention to increase indoor air humidity during the winter, you can choose to buy an air humidifier, to adjust the humidity of whole bedroom, avoid because of the change of humidity increase wood real wood craze.

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