How to prevent the worms corrosion ecological door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-07-21

wooden door to use for a long time may appear moths, at such times we should timely find insect nest, kill and expulsion, the wooden door manufacturer to share how to prevent worms corrosion ecological door?

1。 In order to prevent damage of ecological door in appearance is moth, can apply some brine in appearance, there will be. With pointed peppers or a small number of Chinese prickly ash, the ground into powder, drip into the moths inside the hole, and boiling water pumping, have insecticidal effect, can prevent insects.

2。 Choosing just the right amount of water and an appropriate amount of pesticides, blending, and drop into the hole, can also kill moths, but this method does not apply to such as food storage basket, bamboo container. Coating is not damaged at the corner cases, with tung oil, shellac varnish or paint, brush sliding door appearance, can make the moth separation from the air. Please note, the brush in the positive and negative ecological door surface wear uniforms.

3。 Handle a bug eat by moth, the ecological door, 1% to 5% of the available liquid dichlorvos, when mixed with water spray comprehensive injections, let the fluid in the appearance of the door. Successive injections three to five times, after eight hours, can kill all the bugs. Pay attention to the ecological door appearance will wash clean and dry to dry.

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