How to prevent wood door deformation?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-12-24
The original wooden door is most prone to deformation and cracking due to its large area of stress plane and few fixed points due to wood processing. The deformation of wooden doors not only damages the aesthetic feeling of wooden doors, but also greatly reduces the effect in use. In order to prevent the deformation of the original wooden door, we should first start from its root and understand why the original wooden door is deformed? Natural Wood has various factors in the growth process, which will lead to different density of wood when it grows due to Yang, the natural characteristics of wood cannot be changed in the process of making and treating wood. However, wooden doors have different content requirements for each region in terms of the degree of drying and moisture of raw materials, so what wooden doors do to prevent deformation is also closely related to the moisture content. The high moisture content of damp wood is also one of the main reasons for the deformation of wooden doors. With the decrease of moisture content during use, the internal stress of wood will slowly reveal and eventually lead to deformation and cracking, in order to avoid wet weather, ventilation should be paid attention to in the house. In wet weather, dry cloth should still be used to wipe off the moisture caused by wet weather. The structural treatment inside and outside the design structure wooden door is also a strict requirement of the process. We need to make different production treatments according to the characteristics of wood when dealing with different wood doors, here, it is necessary to require the original wooden door manufacturers to further improve the manufacturing technology of wooden doors in order to produce standard original wooden doors. At this point, senrun wooden doors have advantages in terms of being the first brand manufacturer of original wooden doors, choosing senrun wooden door makes you have a different original wooden door. Material problems whether it is a solid wood door or a solid wood composite door, there are wood components, and wood and other objects have the same physical characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction, wood logs are natural, the degree of variation will be more serious than that of synthetic materials. Once the original wooden door cracks, it is difficult to recover, so we should cherish and maintain every wooden door very much, and the original wooden door is the top technology and high-end product in the wooden door, the degree of maintenance and care should be more cautious than other wooden doors, not because the quality of the original wooden doors is not good, but because the original wooden doors are more precious and have excellent quality and should be cherished.
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