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how to secure wooden door front

how to secure wooden door front


Runcheng Chuangzhan-How To Secure Wooden Door Front

The front door is vital to any house as the door is frequently in use, and it determines the safety of a home. In most cases, thieves tend to break and use the front doors more than they break the windows and the back door. Installing a beautiful wooden door with locks is not enough

to ensure the wooden door front is secure. It is essential to go a step further to ensure the door meet certain security features. The following are some of the features that make the front door insecure and the way to secure it.

1.Fixing of doorknob and locks 

How doorknob and locks are fixed to determine how secure the front door is as well as how easy it is to break the door. If the knob and

deadbolt are fixed close on the door frame, it makes the door less secure and easy to break. If a person kicks the door, the frame is likely to break, making the door less secure, putting the house at risk. It is vital to ensure the wooden door locks are fixed firmly on the frame and quality screws are used, which are of the right length.

2.Quality of the door

A quality exterior door should be strong, and material is of high quality to ensure it meets the security measures required. One weakness of

the wooden door front is if the door is hollow inside as this makes the door easy to break. A solid door is more secure and as any person who wants to break in will have to use an axe to chop the door, and no intruder may have time to do that. Some door may have decorative windows which make the door less secure. For the house to be fully secure, a solid door with no glass decoration is the safest to use.

3.Quality of the door hinges

Front door with weak hinges is risky to use, and the problem may be as a result of poor quality of hinges or the hinges are not properly

fixed. The door should be fixed with long screws probably inches, which firmly hold the door, and it can withstand strong force without breaking.

4.Low-quality locks

No matter how strong the door is if low-quality locks which a person can easily break or use the bump key, the security of the house is not

guaranteed. It is crucial to ensure the locks are of high quality and that they are not vulnerable to intruders with bump keys. The keyless locks are effective to use as they use modern technology to secure the door. The lock uses the unique codes which it may be hard of burglars to know; however, it is vital to change the code more often. 

The wooden door front is essential to securing the house, and it is, therefore, vital to fix a reliable door. There are many doors in the market; however, one should consider the quality and all the security features. The quality of frames is crucial as it determines the security and strength of the door.

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