how to spend a solo weekend in toronto

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-26
Sometimes it is necessary to spend a holiday alone, and Toronto is an ideal place for many American tourists. S. cities (
1 hour and 20 minutes from New York;
1 hour and 40 minutes drive from Chicago;
3 hours from Miami).
Toronto, the provincial capital of Ontario, offers a wealth of massage activities for those traveling alone;
Run along the beach;
In a stylish bar and luxurious lobby, get in touch with cocktails.
Here are some tips for your visit to Canada hot spots next weekend.
Luxury apartment in downtown Shangri-La
Entrance to Toronto: take out peace pigeons from trees shaped like dragons and admire Zhang Huan\'s works of art.
There are also beautiful silver pigeons in the lobby and some suites.
When you walk in I have to cross the glass koi pond on the floor and sip tea in the vast hall with Joni Mitchell on the hood of the millionaire
The fitzoli piano.
I asked the concierge about the hotel\'s \"B-
Wall, a honeycomb device designed by Birks, a high-end Canadian jeweler.
You can get close to the bees and see them making honey (
Don\'t worry, Metropolitan bees are not aggressive).
Employees can harvest 20 kg of honey each year for cocktails and pastries.
Fitness breakfast at Shangri-La Hotel
Nice hotel in Toronto
Fitness Center, including techno Gym, rotating machinery, 20-
Pool, and a steam room to relax the sore muscles.
More like runners?
From the hotel, 10-
Run along Simcoe Street for a minute and you can land in front of the harbor, where you can travel a few miles on the dock with minimal traffic.
It\'s not fun to get lost after a long run, so don\'t forget to bring your phone so you can track your mileage or use GPS to find your way back to your hotel.
If you find muscle tension after exercise or running in the city, find PamperingIf (
Yeah, I forgot the foam roll too)
Go to Four Seasons Hotel Yorkville and enjoy the care of some experts.
Enter the spa and you will see ceramic artwork created by Montreal
Girardin, artist of Pascal;
Amazing chandelier by Toronto artist Alissa Coe;
And creative design carpets affected by the healing properties of stones.
I recommend booking a 90-minute Himalayan salt stone massage where the Stones enrich you with 84 trace minerals and elements.
Combined with the therapist\'s use of organic whipped shea butter, this treatment may put you to sleep.
After the massage, replenish the water and feed your stomach at chef Daniel Broo\'s Four Seasons Yorkville bar.
Order roast chicken breast in Rolls-Royce-
Rotisol grill imported from France.
Mix and MingleTo meet and connect with trendy young millennials, visit the rooftop restaurant lounge in Bisha, and Kost also has a trendy outdoor pool.
The open-air roof is located on the 44 th floor of the hotel. you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city center, including the uninterrupted view of CN Tower, and Toronto\'s iconic 1,820 feet communication tower is built on the front railway land.
Access through the hotel lobby (
Luxurious purple velvet wall with black glass double door, with gold knob, looking from both sides, inside and outside looks very dark)
The concierge will accompany you to the elevator for dinner.
STK Toronto Hotel is located in trendy abe ville nabe, a cold but upscale place where you can have a drink, order some food and play with other wellsdressed guests.
The smoky atmosphere, the wonderful music score, and the Street View of the city will only intensify if you enjoy it from the luxurious cream leather seat.
Try a 45-day-old donkey or dry ribeye.
For cocktails, I prefer strong Mule and cucumber heels.
During your domestic stopover, if you decide to take a domestic Canadian flight after your visit to Toronto, be sure to be distorted by Roger Moon King at Terminal 1.
A few years ago, a chef at the airport
Focus on catering promotion, celebrities-
Chef Roger Moon has opened a world-influential food venue in North America.
Try a vegan taco (
Corn Cake, black bean paste, cauliflower, onion, pickled onion)
Or light dishes, which are influenced with Mexican peppers, leeks, cilantro, pico de gallo and Corona.
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