i had no idea what i was getting into on my wedding day

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-30
Twelve years ago, two doors opened at our sweet little community church, and my dad walked me down the aisle with the groom.
Until today, my groom told me that all he saw was his teeth when the door of the church opened.
I might just be a little excited. Just a tad.
It was a ceremony held at 5: 00 on a beautiful winter evening.
The church is full of candlelight, the spirit of our favorite people and my mother. (
I mean, is it long enough to put a hold on a severe snowstorm and get her final daughter married?
Well, she took all the hands. Thanks, mom. )
I\'m excited to be a lady. Delaney.
I \'ve been waiting since I was 13. years-old.
I heard a lot of stories about cold feet and second thoughts before the wedding.
But not this girl.
I know this person is the one that my heart will hold forever. And ever. And ever.
But 12 years later, I reviewed our wedding and all the moments before it.
Do you know what I realize now?
I realize I don\'t know what I\'m doing. Not a clue.
I mean, I said the oath.
I repeat what the minister asked me to say.
I put the ring on his finger and he put it on my finger and we kissed.
But I really don\'t know what I signed up.
I didn\'t realize that this person would be my best friend.
I mean, all my moments together are reliable.
Never change in my life.
All I know is that it\'s easy to keep loving him in the easy moments, but I also realize not to escape the hard moments.
Instead, embrace and integrate into those moments and go hand in hand with him because it is through these moments that I have learned to love him more.
I didn\'t realize that this person would be my crazy power, how easy his life would be without reminding me once, without my life baggage.
I didn\'t realize at the time that one day, when we were no longer in our twenties, but in our thirties and forties, I would rather have no other place on Friday night, he was surrounded by our children on the sofa.
Well, maybe I did realize that, because since I was 13, I was imagining these moments --years-old.
This is not all.
On that day 12 years ago, I vowed to be a wife.
But 24-year-
Do you know how to be a wife? Nothing.
I didn\'t realize that being a wife doesn\'t mean having a scoreboard.
He did more some days. some days I do;
We are equal some days.
Let\'s be real: There are days when no one does anything.
This is no problem at all.
I didn\'t realize that being a wife meant putting our relationship first. Me and him. We are a team.
The more we love each other, the more the team wins in life.
I didn\'t realize that being a wife meant not complaining about the underwear on the bathroom floor or about the dirty jeans left on the bed.
Because, at the end of the day, those things don\'t matter.
Do you know?
In fact, he hugged me, kissed my head, and at the moment he walked into the door from work, he gave our children dinner without reservation every night.
Underwear and dirty jeans?
Well, they look pale compared to this.
Friends, learn this lesson quickly. Like, stat.
12 years later, through all the insights and revelations, we are still here.
Lessons learned, stories to tell, many moments of success, many moments of failure.
But the truth is, we\'re still there.
We just started.
No matter where you and your loved one are, my suggestion is to be there. Just be there. And stay there.
When you hold their heart, it\'s right next to your heart.
It may also be lucky for you that you don\'t know what you\'re doing.
I will cross my fingers for you.
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