Identify what is the method of high-grade wooden door?

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-06-19
The high-grade wood material on the market are mainly concentrated in black walnut, cherry, beech, teak and other varieties, but some vendors will use some texture similar to that of low-grade wooden door to deceive consumers, the wooden door manufacturer to tell everybody what to distinguish what is the method of high-grade wooden door? 1, black walnut, cherry wood with mountains of texture, cherry wood in texture on irregular line appear some black resin. Now in the market useful oak, northeast China ash dyeing chang filling black walnut; With the southwest birch ( No black resin line, southwest birch) Dyeing as cherry wood; With the science and technology ( Paper) As teak, oily but no teak wood science and technology. 2, maple, yellow color, have hill, the biggest characteristics is a shadow, Local luster obvious) , belongs to the mid-range wood. 3, ju wood colour and lustre is bright yellow, with dense wood ray, ju wood imports less defects, much better than domestic, import ju wood belongs to high-grade timber in China. In addition, the wooden door of completely real wood structure mainly doorcase tenon connection, enchase door core board, belongs to high-grade products in the market. Most of the color of the wood, focused on the soft warm color orange centered; One of the main chemical components of wood lignin, has the strong absorption to ultraviolet ray, wood surface tissue slightly concave and convex, can make the light scattering, reduce eye fatigue and damage. Wood of soft hard moderate, tactility warmth and good acoustic performance and function such as temperature, humidity, and wood processing. Virtues, make the wood became the richest human material of wooden door, even in science and technology by leaps and bounds, the new material emerge in endlessly, people still have a special liking to real wood door.

real wood wood is usually used for drying, but the moisture content in the 12 or so, but if you don't pass real wood dehydration processing, wood door after door easy deformation and tenon joint crack, door core board contractive thief.

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