Identify wood door and solid wood doors

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2020-01-12

first, listen to the sound: you can use percussion to listen to the sound. The sound of good wood is mellow and textured. There are many solid wood materials commonly used for wooden doors , such: sapele, rosewood, ebony, teak, cherry, maple, beech, Fraxinus mandshurica, hemlock, spruce, Betula alnoides, pine, etc. Among them, sapili, ebony, rosewood, teak, cherry wood, walnut, etc. are imported wood.

Second, look at the texture: due to the selection of natural wood, the surface of the original wooden door has the natural texture and natural defects of wood, which is inevitable. Other wooden doors can use any wood as the inner filler, such as wood-based panels, etc. , and the appearance is decorated with more beautiful wood.

third, weight: the most intuitive way to measure the cost performance of wooden doors is weight and stability. In general, the heavier the wooden door feels, the better. Such doors are not easy to deform.

fourth, look at the dry humidity and storage period of Wood: because the weather and air humidity in different regions are different, the moisture content of wood needs to be different according to different climates, for example, the weather in the South is humid, and the dry-wet ratio of wood is 8-12 degrees is the normal standard. Wood is stored in a natural environment for three to six months, and can only be used normally after reaching a certain degree of dryness.

Fifth, look at the carving process: a good carving process gives people an artistic enjoyment, which belongs to pure hand carving, with strong stereoscopic impression and lifelike carving works, vivid nature is the best work, but also the soul of a door. Solid wood craft doors are often machines that agree to produce, and the surface carving decoration is relatively simple and inflexible, lacking vitality.

sixth, distinguish from the cross section of the upper and lower ends of the door: the original wooden door or solid wooden door can basically see the difference between the upper and lower ends. The cross section of the original wooden door is a single log, complete without decomposition marks; Solid wood door the door bottom section general have decomposition glulam glue mark. If the bottom does not see the door side section and the bottom of the door is one, it is generally a solid wood composite door.

seventh, look at the price: the price of the original wooden door is higher. Generally, the price of the original wooden door of the high-grade wood is 4, 10000 or even more. Some merchants pretend that the solid wood craft door is the original wooden door. Selling the price of the solid wood craft door is actually misleading consumers.

Finally, identify the brand: Try to choose products produced by powerful large manufacturers or with good brand reputation. These enterprises generally do not hide the varieties and materials of wooden doors, and consumers can purchase them with confidence.

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