in china tariff fight, these u.s. seaports, airports have much to lose

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-09-10
My last article read the United States. S.
If the tariff dispute between the United States and China escalates, the airport and seaport may lose the most revenue.
This will take a slightly different approach.
It will focus on those airports and harbors, although they may not lose the most of their income ---
Because they did not deal with the amount of Chinese imports as before-
Lose out of proportion.
Because China is relatively more important to them.
The airport and seaport charge fees based on the weight of the imported goods landing at the airport and docked at the seaport, rather than based on the value of the trade.
China accounts for 24 of all airport imports.
90% of tonnage.
In terms of the harbor, it is quite low at 10. 26%.
The reason why the port is low is because it includes commodities from China such as oil and cars.
One of the smaller airports-
Than Chicago O\'Hare, Los Angeles International Airport, JFK, New York-
Fort Worth International or San Francisco International are the top five international imports from China. -
Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport is located in Hebron, Kentucky.
So far this year, 35 years old.
30% of its imports come from China, of which about 1-
Third, computers, mobile phones and related equipment.
If leather shoes and shoes made of fabrics or textiles are included, the total number can be up to £ 40%.
The second airport that is slightly larger than the average is Seattle-
Tacoma International, 26 years old. 54%.
Computers and mobile phones account for only 15 tons of tonnage in most airports. 1% of the total.
A wide range of other imported products-
Women\'s clothing and skirts, insulated wires and cables, plastic boxes and containers, electronic game machines--
12% more
In terms of the harbor, the five cities with the potential to lose the most income are Los Angeles, Long Beach, Newark, Savannah and Houston.
Others do not handle these tonnage but exceed-
The average proportion of Chinese imports includes more than 39% of Tacoma and Auckland, and Seattle below 35%.
Port Miami and Port Virginia are also above average, both above 20%.
See what these imports are: Tacoma: 10 of scrap iron or steel and plaster.
It accounted for 5% of the total, of which 8 were motor vehicle parts and furniture parts.
7%, the total tonnage is slightly lower than 20%.
Auckland: glass containers, furniture and parts, seats (
General car)
According to the latest US data, this figure accounts for only more than 20% of the total. S.
The Census Bureau I analyzed.
Seattle: cement, furniture and parts account for more than 20% of the total.
Door Miami: 15 tiles, furniture and parts.
According to US data, 8% of the total so far this yearS.
Census Bureau data
Categories including plywood and laminated wood account for more than 20% of the total. .
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