indigo pilot\'s wife found dead at home in delhi

by:Runcheng Chuangzhan     2019-08-14
Police said Saturday that the wife of a former Indian air force commander was found dead at his home in Dwarka, Delhi.
The woman was identified as 52 years old. year-
Old menu Jain, resident of the Air Force naval officer enclave in the Dwarka district --7, they added.
According to a senior police officer, the 76-year-old in menuyear-
The old father, HP Garg, a retired Delhi professor at the Indian Institute of Technology and currently working on a research project at the Institute, said his son Darpan called him on Thursday night to tell him
He left the office at about 7 to get to the menu House. 45 pm.
On the way, the police officer said, when he called his daughter, she said she was fine.
The woman also told her father that she had eaten cashew nuts, which caused some reaction.
HP Garg still goes to her daughter\'s house on Thursday.
He called her again at around seven o\'clock A. M. on Friday but was unable to reach her, and then he went to her house together with Dapan.
When another wooden door is closed, the door to the house is open.
They knocked on the door.
When there was no response, Dapan entered the house from his neighbor\'s balcony, police said.
He broke the glass and walked into the house and saw menu Jain lying unconscious in her room.
The Maid of menu Jain came there around 8, and she had a key to the house. 30 am.
She tried to open the door but it was stuck.
The door was then opened, police said.
Jain MS Ayushman was taken to the hospital in duvalka
She was declared \"dead\" there, they added \".
At about nine o\'clock A. M. , the police were informed of the incident and registered a murder and robbery case.
Police suspect that the accused entered the house in order to rob menu Jain.
The family of the deceased said that two mobile phones, jewelry worn by the deceased, RS 5 in Indian Currency and RS 2 in foreign currency were lost in the house.
The police seized three pillows and a towel stained with blood from the room.
Three boats and five cups were also seized from the kitchen for making tea and drinking tea. The post-
Police say an anatomy of the body has been performed and the exact cause of the death will be known once reported.
This woman\'s husband, retired Indian air force VK Jain (IAF)
The air force commander, who is currently a commercial pilot in Indig, was informed of the incident.
Police said VK Jain, who was on duty at the time of the incident, arrived at the house on Friday night.
The couple has a son and a daughter.
Police say son Ajay Jain, who works at a multinational company in Noida, visits his parents over the weekend and daughter Shiwani Jain, a doctor who lives in Goa with her husband.
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